Assisting cooperatives apply high technology
Updated : Saturday, July 15, 2017 8:02 AM (GMT+0700)

The Provincial Cooperative Alliance has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Incubator Center for High-tech Agricultural Enterprise (Ho Chi Minh City). The purpose is to open new directions for agricultural co-operatives in the province, focusing on improving production technology, in association with consuming agricultural products. Exchanging with Phu Yen Newspaper about the issue, Mr. Le Thanh Lam, Chairman of the Provincial Cooperative Alliance, let known:

The survey delegation of Phu Yen province visiting Melaleuca plantation of Dong A Company Ltd. at Hi-tech Agricultural Park, Ho Chi Minh city

- In Phu Yen, collective economic units have been in the process of consolidating, confirming their activities and in need a new push to develop. At the same time, cooperatives, especially agricultural co-operatives, have actively involved in the agricultural restructuring in combination with high-tech applied agriculture, forming production in chains.

Associated with that, the main purpose of this cooperation is the production orientation for cooperatives in a professional way; which means researching application and production by technology to create agricultural products meeting the quality standards for export requirements. Through this process, cooperatives grasp the research process and transferring the applied research results to production. Co-operatives are also supported to train and form ideas, found projects for agricultural field...

* In which fields does the Provincial Cooperative Alliance cooperate with the Incubation Center for Hi-tech Agricultural Enterprise?

- 4 main contents will be implemented in the cooperation process, namely, applied research, technology transfer, training and attracting investment for trade promotion. Specifically, the Incubation Center for High Tech Agriculture Enterprises advises the Alliances on implementing application research programs, constructing projects on vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants and mushrooms…; towards branding hi-tech products in the province. The Center shall transfer the technical process and seed production technology; build hi-tech cultivation models so as to form areas for specialized cultivation of organic vegetables, edible mushrooms and medicinal herbs according to the link chain from production, processing, preservation to product consumption. Along with this high-tech brand is cooperatives.

* When cooperating with the Center, what will the cooperatives benefit to overcome the current production constraints?

- The cooperatives and agricultural cooperative teams of the province with the basic foundation is to well organize production and create products associated with cooperatives, such as the mushroom of Binh Kien cooperative, watermelon in Ward 5 cooperative, mulberry of Hoa Phong cooperative, organic vegetable of Binh Ngoc cooperative, rice seed in Hoa Quang Nam... However, these units have not yet completed the link chain; it is weak in processing and consuming products. When cooperating with the Center, cooperatives will be equipped to overcome these weaknesses. Thus, the first beneficiaries that the cooperatives receive is to improve the level of management and production organization. At the same time, cooperatives have the opportunity to access concessional loans from banks for agricultural, farmer and rural development assistance programs; when the cooperative is instructed by experts of the Center to build project, business plan. Another beneficiary is that high technology applied production will create unconvincing products in the region, so it will not be difficult to attract enterprises to accept for consuming products.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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