Ensuring traffic safety during rainy season
Updated : Thursday, October 04, 2018 11:12 AM (GMT+0700)

Inthe rainy season, the situation of traffic order and safety is complicated.What measures has the Transport sector implemented to ensure smooth trafficbefore, during and after the rainy season? As related to this issue, Phu Yen Newspaper interviewed Mr. NguyenThanh Tri, Director of the provincial Transport Department.

The construction of extending the national highway 19C

 * Could you let knownunsafe risks of the traffic system when the rainy season comes?

- Over the past time, routesof national roads and provincial roads have been invested to upgrade but manyof them are at risk of being unsafe during the rainy season due to devastationof heavy rain and increasing number of heavy transport means. Landslide andflood often occur in many roads.

For example, in the rainyseason in 2017, the transport system in the province suffered heavy losses, aseries of roads were damaged, the road surface peeled off and landslides causedtraffic jam. On the national highway 29, many trees fell on the road, leadingtraffic jam. Also, in its section passing Dong Hoa district, guardrailscollapsed and the slope protection fell down about 30.000m3.

* What measures has theTransport sector taken to actively respond the rainy season this year? 

- With experiences from therainy season in 2017, the provincial Transport Department has numerous measuresto handle problems and ensure traffic safety during the rainy season. Thedepartment has developed specific plans and prepared all conditions to dealwith traffic infrastructure problems.

The Department has also setup delegation to inspect and review each route and preparation of reservesupplies, equipments to overcome incidents, plans of diverging traffic andensuring smooth traffic in bad situations. The Department’s Disaster PreventionBoard including the road maintenance unit, the stone material productionunit... has reviewed and registered the quantity of materials (steel, stonesand reserve supplies...), motorcycles of all kinds with more than 100 pieces ofequipment .

Thereby, the unitsynthesizes, makes plan of handling and timely remedying rain and floodsconsequences and organizes mobilization when having requests of the higherlevel. The Department has also reviewed key positions which are at high risk oflandslides, floods, frequent damage and traffic jam in the rainy season inorder to have plan of repair and treament in case of natural disasters.

* So far, how has the taskof road maintenance and repair been implemented for smooth traffic during therainy season?

- The road management unitshave implemented regular maintenance of the national highway 25, highway 29,provincial roads... Currently, the construction units have repaired andfacilitated smooth traffic on three routes of national highway 25, highway 29and highway 19C.

To ensure the safety on thenational highway 19C, the unit has removed black spots of traffic accidents onnumerous sections. These are sections of Km81+100-Km82+300, Km87+550 (Son Dinhcommune, Son Hoa district) and Km121+350Km121+900 (Duc Binh Tay commune, SongHinh district). 

These positions are extendedroad surfaces, lowered slope, added with drainage sluice and slopeprotection... As for the section of national highway 19C through Son Dinhcommune, the Transport Department has deployed to build rescue road on theleft. The black spot through Duc Binh Tay commune is aligned to the right ofthe old road, widened the view, added with guardrails and traffic safetysystem.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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