PM: joining hands in building ASEAN Community amidst Industry 4.0
Updated : Wednesday, September 12, 2018 9:24 AM (GMT+0700)

Asthe host of the 2018 World Economic Forum on ASEAN (WEF ASEAN 2018), Vietnamhas the responsibility to work with the WEF and ASEAN to discuss importantissues and plans for the development of ASEAN member countries amidst theFourth Industrial Revolution, said Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. 

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc - Source: VNA

This is to help realise the2025 ASEAN Community Vision, for the interests of the entire region at largeand each country individually, contributing to regional and global prosperity,the leader said in a recent article released on the occasion of the WEF ASEAN2018 from September 11-13 in Hanoi.  

ASEAN has enormousopportunities to develop and promote economic links thanks to more intensiveand extensive globalisation and the rapid spread of the fourth IndustrialRevolution, particularly digital technology, internet of things (IoT),artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, he wrote. 

The PM noted that WEF ASEAN2018’s theme “Entrepreneurship and the fourth Industrial Revolution” is notonly in line with the world’s development trends but also with the theme of a“self-reliant and innovative ASEAN Community” that the ten-member group setthis year. 

The event gathers manyhigh-ranking leaders of ASEAN countries and its partners, about 1,000representatives of multi-national corporations and ASEAN and internationalbusinesses and some 800 domestic enterprises. 

Taking place following APECYear 2017 and the sixth Greater Mekong Sub-region in March 2018, WEF ASEAN 2018reflects the ever-growing role of Vietnam in ASEAN, the region and the world,as well as the confidence of international businesses and investors in thecountry’s prospects. 

It is also proof ofVietnam's attractiveness and the trust that global businesses and internationalinvestors vest in Vietnam. It is also a manifestation of Vietnam's new statusafter 30 years of reform, exhibiting the country’s pro-activity and “stature”in international integration as well as in shaping the regional and globaleconomy.

“The 2018 WEF-ASEAN shallalso be a chance for us to deepen relations with a wide range of countries andpartners, including neighbouring countries and strategic and key partners. Thisis a channel to strengthen the network of open, multilateralised anddiversified foreign relations, contributing to creating a peaceful and stableenvironment for socio-economic development and improving the country’s statusand prestige in the international arena”, the leader wrote. 

Of the nearly 1,000participating international businesses, many are among the top 500 corporationsin the world, possessing vast financial, technological and managerialcapacity. 

Witnessing Vietnam’s stronggrowth would encourage the businesses to step up cooperation and investment inVietnam through plans and projects that aim to harness the opportunities of theFourth Industrial Revolution. 

Cooperation with thesemultinational corporations is an opportunity and driver for Vietnamesebusinesses, daring them to think big and do big to raise competitiveness,quality and efficiency, according to the PM. 

The success of the 2018WEF-ASEAN shall breathe new life and create new drivers for internationalintegration, thus affirming Vietnam's role, status and contributions in ASEANand the region. 

It shall stir national prideand exhort the spirit of self-reliance and the aspiration to rise to thechallenge, to build a socialist Vietnam with wealthy people, strong nation,democracy, equality and civilisation, PM Phuc concluded.


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