The need to have a practical start-ups environment
Updated : Wednesday, September 12, 2018 8:37 AM (GMT+0700)

Creatingthe creative and innovative start-up ecological system (CISES) is one of theactivities concerned by the central and local government in recent years.Together with the new policies from the central governments, the PPC has alsoissued the Plan 117/KH-UBND on supporting the CISES in the province to the year2025 so as to create favorable conditions to promote, support the process offorming and developing enterprises of CISES.

Ngo Huynh Ngoc Khanh, a student of the University of natural sciences (HCMC National
University) hoping the product of laser cutting using IoT technology to be supported
by the province during the process of experimenting and advertising products

As shared by Mr. Ly DinhQuan, Director of Han River center of start-up breeding, although there arenumerous risks in investing and developing the CISES enterprises, in parallelwith low success rate, once being successful, these are exactly the objectsbringing about considerable added value to the economy of each single locality,nation; the potentials of creating lots of employment, enhancing the productand commodity values.

In Vietnam, thestart-ups movement in general and CISES in particular have been on-going in aneffervescent manner. Nonetheless, the start-up enterprises themselves find itimpossible to develop without a favorable ecological system. As such, to obtainthe start-up ecological system, the localities’ strenuous efforts areinevitable.

Mr. Quan added that theCISES enterprises have such particular features as: breaking-through, creative;bearing the high-growth features and high risks. With the above features, theCISES enterprises face obstacles ranging from business administrationcompetence, observing administrative procedures; issues related to thestandards, regulations, patent rights with the largest of those being lackingcapital or getting access to capital sources. Therefore, to create ad developCISES enterprises, there need be supportive factors, the most significant ofwhich are capital, managing competence and skills…

To 2025, the province willhave supported at least CISES projects; supporting the development of at least8 enterprises, cooperatives, craft villages, CISES organizations. Simultaneously,implementing some focal contents in implementing the plans, namely information,propagation with the purpose of raising the awareness of the community towardsCISES; training to enhance the competence on CISES; constructing and completingthe mechanism, policies to support CISES; supporting the development of CISES;establishing the linking network within the province’s CISES, with the nationaland global ones.

In order raise the awareness,create positive impacts and spreading forces with the start-up spirits andawareness, in the past years, the PPC has been coordinating with the departmentof science-technology to organize lots of conference on constructing the CISESwith the participation of lots of experts in CISES sector for the sake of sharingconcerning start-up issues.

These conferences attractthe considerable attention from the entire community, local leaders,particularly those young people harboring the dreams of start-ups. However, itis not enough to organize numerous conferences, enhancing the mediapropagation, it is a must to construct the practical start-ups ecologicalsystem.

Ngo Huynh Ngoc Khanh, astudent in IT faculty of The University of natural sciences (HCMC NationalUniversity), shared, “ I took part in the contest of Phu Yen start-upsinnovation in the year 2018 co-held by Vietnam youth association in theprovince and Phu Yen provincial young entrepreneurs association. Beforereturning to Phu Yen, I had learnt that the province has the policy ofsupporting CISES, and for this reason, I have brought home the project oflaser-cutting machine using IoT technology with the expectations that myproduct will be supported with advertising and experimenting. Nevertheless,once making questions to the managers related to how to get access to thesesupportive policies, there are no concrete answers”.

Although there have beenplans for constructing the start-upsecological system in the province, according to Mr. Ngo Da Tho, Chairmanof the Provincial Enterprise Association, reality has shown that there have notany concrete policies. Therefore, the management offices, PPC at the leadingposition need to create a practical start-ups ecological system with concretesteps and conditions to create favorable conditions for the individuals, CISESenterprises to find one favorable environment to do business and makingcontributions to creating the motivation to become well-off and devote to thesociety.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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