The success of a “vessel 67"
Updated : Thursday, August 09, 2018 1:20 PM (GMT+0700)

Thecomposite- hull fishing vessel no. PY99669TS of Mr. Huynh Tan Anh, a fishermenin Phu Lac hamlet, Hoa Hiep Namcommune (Dong Hoa district) is newly built under the Decree 67 and hascontinuously had 3 sea voyages with profit of more than 3,4 billions dongs. Inaddition to experience of Captain Huynh Tan Anh, the modern equipments alsocontribute significantly to this success.

The fishing vessel of Mr. Huynh Tan Anh, a fisherman in Phu Lac hamlet, Hoa Hiep Nam
commune (Dong Hoa district) equipped with modern equipments

According to the fishermanHuynh Tan Anh, the fishing vessel of his family was launched at the end of2017. Up to now, it has had 5 sea voyages, including the first three ones withtime of from 20 to 30 days. The first one departed on January 12th(lunar calendar). After about a month, it caught the fish shoal, hence catchingmore than 50 tons of fish and earning more than 1 billion dongs. With successof the first voyage, crew members are very excited so after a few days ofresting, they asked the owner to organize the second one.

This voyage departed on February17th  (lunar calendar) andafter nearly one month, it caught more than 90 tons of fish and earned about 1,7billion dongs. With this fortune, they continue to organize the third voyagefrom March 19th (lunar calendar). It lasted nearly a month andcaught 65 tons of fish, earning about 1,3 billion dongs.

Mr. Anh excitedly letsknown: The cost of each voyage ranges from 150 to 200 million dongs, the profitof the three sea voyages after deducting cost is about 3,4 billion dongs. The fishermanLe Van Ho, a crew member of Mr. Anh vessel, lets known: Before building the "vessel67”, Mr. Anh had a wooden-hull vessel  withcapacity of 250CV for net fishing. I have joined him for more than 5 years. He isboth the vessel owner and the captain with much experience, so the crew is veryreassured when going offshore. With the new vessel, modern fishfinder andexperience of the captain, there are many voyages with high profit. On average,each crew member earns from 15 to 20 million dongs per a voyage.

Mr. Huynh Tan Anh lets known:The vessel has eight thermal insulated tunnels with total capacity of about120m3; winch system and modern fishing equipments, including fishfinder(scanning 3600 angle), horizontal detector, vertical detector, radar with 72nmrange and communication system. Particularly, it is equipped with the KCS-3221Zfishfinder (Kaiso, Japan) worth 4,8 billion dongs.This is the most modern one in Phu Yen now and is known as "super detector"with scanning radius of  from 1,5 to 2km.Thanks to this machine, my vessel is better than others when stretchingoffshore.

Since launching, the vesselhas run smoothly without any technical problems, especially it is not broken bybig waves and wind as wooden- hull vessel. Crew members are also excited andconfident when going offshore. With these favorable conditions, my family willexploit fish well and hope to have more advantages to soon pay off theinvestment debt for this vessel, etc.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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