Combining various types for sustainable development
Updated : Wednesday, June 06, 2018 9:14 AM (GMT+0700)

Atpresent, multi-cropping, intercropping combined with husbandry and service hasbeen an economic model chosen by many households in mountainous areas. Thisapproach has helped people stabilize their home economics against marketfluctuations and disadvantages of the weather.

Planting a variety of fruit trees, farmers have products to sell all year round

Many sugarcane growers formany years believe that the only specialized cultivation of sugar cane dependson the contractor and the plant. When intercropped with other crops, farmerswill be able to take initiative the output and earn regular income for theproduction rotation. According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhung in Ea Ly commune (SongHinh district), her house has 10 ha of land; at the first crop, her family hadrice crop planted but then she decided to divide it into 3 part, including 3haof coffee, 3ha of cassava and 4ha of sugarcane.

Intercropping, multi-farmingmixed with livestock is also a way for mountainous people to have stableincome. Mr. Vo Viet Bao, from Van Hoa village, Son Long commune (Son Hoadistrict), thanks to the combination of afforestation and gardening, husbandryhas helped his family a 300-million-dong income per year with a 200-million-dongprofit. Mr. Bao let known: After many years doing household economy, I realizethat we can have a stable income if we have combined many types of crops; becausethe prices of agricultural and forestry products is always fluctuate, if oneruns the market to destroy this tree or grow another tree or grow one kind oftree, it is difficult to develop a stable economy.

In addition to theintercropping model, many households in the mountainous districts in theprovince also boldly buy trucks, tractors..., which help them both serve theproduction of the family, as well as provide services to others to have moreincome. Mr. Ho Duc Tay in Son Ha commune (Son Hoa district) is one of them. Mr.Tay said: I have 10ha of acacia hybrid and 1ha of pepper. Through understandingthe demand of the market in the mountainous area, I see lots of the area of​​sugarcane, cassava, and high demand of transportation among people. I decidedto borrow money to buy a truck to transport agricultural products. For a while,my family has more income and save a bit capital. I talk with my wife to buy 5excavators, 2 trucks. Thanks to that, my total income in the last year was 500million dongs. Not only increase the income for the family, I also create jobsfor 5 to 7 local laborers with the income from 4million to 5 million dongs permonth.

Among many people plantedforest, the storm last year still left heavy consequences, with Mr. Tran VanDien in Hoa My Tay commune (Tay Hoa district) generated income by opening newservices from the tree itself falling not bought. According to Mr. Dien, afterthe storm, a lot of trees falling caused a damage of billions of dongs. He madethe trees burned to charcoal, then sold on the market. After more than threemonths, the revenue from selling charcoal was not only enough to compensate fordamage caused by storm, but also to earn hundreds of millions of dongs."Previously, I mainly planted economic forests, so the revenue depended onthe price of timber on the market. Now that I have a new service, which helpsme have more revenue, no longer dependent on the wood purchasers. I alsocollect timber from other forest growers, so I can help myself and help them withthe output," he said.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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