Developing trade and service to contribute to economic development
Updated : Tuesday, June 05, 2018 10:53 AM (GMT+0700)

Tradeand service is one of the sectors playing a significant role in developing theprovince’s society and economy. With the annual growth level and theinfrastructure being invested, expanded, this sector will surely gain moreachievements in the coming time.

The inhabitants buying products at Vincom Tuy Hoa commercial center

According to Mrs. Nguyen ThiKim Bich, vice director of the department of industry and trade, in the pastyears, the province’s socio-eco sector has developed with the average annual growthrate of 14%. This is one of the sectors which are important in the province’ssocio-eco development. As for the year 2017, the total retailing level andservices income reached 27,700 billion dongs; for the first 5 months of the year2018, the figure was 15,574 billion dongs, an increase of over 16% against thesame period last year.

The above results are thanksto lots of factors like the province’s socio-eco development level, trade andtechnical infrastructure, also that of services being furtherexpanded…Currently, in the province, Co.opMart Tuy Hoa supermarket, Vincomtrade center are both operating efficiently. In parallel with  that, the network of traditional markets hasplayed a significant role in purchasing, distributing commodities with largenumber. So far, the entire province has got 141 markets; including 1 type-1market, 7 type-2 markets, 133 type-3 markets, temporary markets. The majorityof these markets retail, trade general products and are operating efficiently,in compatible with the conditions of each locality, meeting the demands ofexchanging commodities among the residential areas. Besides, the enhancement ofthe model of agencies, modern stores have been attached with importantattention from the department of industry and trade. Apart from the current 26convenience stores, other distributing stores and agencies have been graduallysupported, instructed to expand the foundations’ scopes, becoming the reliablepoints for the localities’ inhabitants.

As related to the issue ofhow to help continue the growth of trade and service, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Bichlet known: the task of state management on trade and service has been graduallyrenovated. The quality of checking, supervising market has always been enhancedand positively impacted the re-setting the order in market, protecting theproduction and consumers, overcoming the situation of trade fraud…For thissector to continue development,  meetingthe market’s demands and the nationwide development trend, the department ofindustry and trade has been constructing and completing the scheme ofinfrastructure for the entire province; attracting and encouraging theorganizations, the enterprises to invest in completing the infrastructure,developing trade and commerce, service. In the coming time, the sector is goingto coordinate with the associations, organizations to implement practicalactivities to raise the awareness of the enterprises and merchants;instructing, supporting the enterprises, producing foundations and protecting thebrand names; promoting, expanding the distributing markets, advertising…tocontribute to promoting the domestic commodity consumption…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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