Farmers’ associations at all levels need to enhance the rural socio-eco development
Updated : Thursday, May 10, 2018 3:45 PM (GMT+0700)

PPCVice chairman, Mr. Tran Huu The, has just had a working session with theexecutive board of the provincial farmers’ association on the issues inagriculture, farmers, rural areas in the past time to contribute to enhancingthe tasks between the PPC and the provincial farmers’ association onimplementing some programs and programs to develop the rural socio-ecodevelopment in the period of 2010-2020.

PPC vice chairman, Mr. Tran Huu The addressing to direct the meeting

At the working session,standing vice chairman of the provincial farmers association, Mr. Phan DaiThang reported on the results of the association’s tasks and the farmers’movements from 2017 up to now; simultaneously raising proposals and ideas ofthe farmers’ association to the PPC leaders. Among these proposals, theconcentration was on the issues of implementing the pilot models of producingand consuming clean agricultural products; creating the conditions to repair,upgrade the degrading Centre of vocational training and supporting farmers;establishing the board of mobilizing into the provincial farmers’ associationand proposed the PPC to consider the annual expenditure support from 2 to 3billion dongs for the farmers’ associations at all levels to implement thetrading producing models applying the scientific-technical progresses in theagricultural sector…

Addressing at the meeting,comrade Tran Huu The requested the provincial farmers’ association tocoordinate with the departments of agriculture-rural development, science-technology,natural resources-environment on enhancing the implementation of the signedinter-programs, organize the activities of agricultural extension, transferringthe technical progresses in production; raising;; concentrating on constructingthe models of branches of occupations; requesting the finance department toconsider increasing supportive capital for the farmers during production…toenhance the rural socio-eco development in the coming time. PPC vice chairmanhoped that in the coming time, the provincial farmers’ association wouldconcentrate on directing to complete the organization of the farmers’associations at district level; heading towards the successful organization ofthe 8th Phu Yen provincial farmers’ congress, tenure 2018-2023.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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