The need of cooperation between the inhabitants and enterprises
Updated : Wednesday, April 11, 2018 4:20 PM (GMT+0700)

Thetask of harvesting the production in connection with constructing theprocessing factories have helped the inhabitants in the mountainous regions tofind the agricultural product consumption and increasing the income for thehouseholds’ economy. However, at some points, due to the market pricefluctuations, the inhabitants are tempted by the profits and break the schemesfor production while the factories are slow in consuming. To absolutely dealwith this issue, the only solution is that the inhabitants produce under schemeand join hands with the enterprises to properly implement the signed contractsof purchasing materials.

Despite having promised, the farmers planting sugarcane constantly worry about low
sugar level caused by slow consumption

For more than 10 yearsrecently, the appearance of the sugar and starched cassava factories has helpedthe inhabitants who plant sugar canes in the three districts of Son Hoa, SongHinh and Dong Xuan to put an end to planting without knowing who would consume.According to Mr. Nguyen Van Thinh in Xuan Quang 2 commune (Dong Xuan district),in 2006, Dong Xuan cassava starch factory was put into operation and theinhabitants could manage to have their products consumed at high price. “Irecall at that time, the merchants bought at the price of 500 to 550 dongs/kilowhile the factory offered at 670 dongs/kg. I was so excited and I did increasethe plantation area from 2 to 7 acres. I am still planting cassava to sell tothe factory and I have been able to buy TV, motorcycles and even have a newhouse built…”, Mr. Thinh said.

Lots of households havestriven to get wealthy thanks to the factory. Mr. Tran Van Muon in Son Nguyencommune (Son Hoa district), let known: in 1992, my family owned 1.9ha of landfor planting sugarcane but there was not the sugar factory then, the sugarcaneswere pressed manually to sell honey to the inhabitants. Despite getting income,considering the efforts and expenses, particularly the instable production dueto the fact of not knowing who to sell to. In 1999, when Son Nguyen became thesugarcane material region of KCP Son Hoa sugarcane factory, my family’s sugarcanewere well consumed and this helped increase the income from planting sugarcane.

Farmers still worry despitethe existence of the factory and selling points. Ma Giam in Son Phuoc commune(Son Hoa district), expressed: the factory ought to well implement thecontract, in other words, if the signing date is in January, it must bedefinitely January but reality shows that it is even up to nearly the end ofFebruary, no one comes to buy. Farmers completely rely on the sugar caneplants, one day late due to the factory means a day to worry among theinhabitants with nerve about low sugar level of the sugarcane plants, fire,rain and wind….

Meanwhile, the factoriesthink that lots of farmers have the production area in the material regions butbe reluctant to sign the contracts to sell to the factory or they do sign thenagree to sell to private merchants due to higher prices. “As in the case of Mr.Mai Thanh Hien, in that the government has got to intensively comprehend thathe had to burn out the entire sugarcane areas for the reason of not signing thecontracts with Tuy Hoa sugar-sugarcane factory at the beginning of the crop. Inprevious years, due to high sugar cane price, Mr. Hien sold sugar cane to otherprovinces’ sugar factories…”, Mr. Dinh Ngoc Dan, Vice chairman of Song Hinhdistrict’s people’s committee, lets known.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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