Great excitement among fishermen with lots of year-beginning “fortune”
Updated : Tuesday, February 06, 2018 5:10 PM (GMT+0700)

Forover a week now, hundreds of off-shore exploiting vessels in Tuy Hoa city havearrived at port with high output, and this excites the fishermen. To make itfavorable for the operation of offshore-exploitation, fishermen have madeproposals to continuing dredging the channels and creeks for making it easierfor vessels to move in and out, simultaneously investing infrastructure andfishing logistics occupation…

Fishermen transporting tuna onshore

During the final days ofDecember lunar calendar, at the two fishing ports of Dong Tac (Tuy Hoa city)and Phu Lac (Dong Hoa district), the atmosphere is urgent with vessels gettingin and out or fish to be transferred onshore. Particularly, for over a weeknow, each day, a dozen of vessels exploiting tuna arrive in with highproductivity. Fisherman Tran Hai in ward 6 (Tuy Hoa city), lets known: thefinal voyage of the lunar new year is not so good as other vessels, yet, at anaverage level. For two-way voyage of 25 days, we exploited more than 40 tunawith the approximate weight of 1.8 tons, with other types of seafood, theprofit is around 100 million dongs…

Mr. Phan  Thuan, chairman of ward 6 fishing professionfederation, lets known: so far, more than 2/3 of the offshore vessels of ward 6have arrived at shore, with 80% of the vessels gaining high profit. On average,each vessel exploits from 30 to 50 tuna, the approximate productivity at around1.2 to 2 tons, particularly some vessels even exploited 2.5 to 3 tons. With thecurrent fish price at around 115,000 dongs/kg, for each voyage, fishermen canearn the profit of some ten to hundreds of million dongs. For the vesselsexploiting “chuon” fish, each vessel exploited around 8 to 12 tons, at thecurrent price of fish of 22,000 dongs to 24,000 dongs, each vessel’s profit isaround hundreds of million dongs.

Together with the fact thatnumerous vessels arriving at the quays, in the past days, quite many vesselshave continued to go offshore and fishermen on these vessels will welcome MauTuat Tet at sea. As shared by the fishermen, welcoming Tet at home or at sea isnot much different as long as the weather condition is favorable, theexploitation is positive and prices are stable, hence, the happiness iscomplete. However, one current difficulty faced by Tuy Ho fishermen is the factthat Da Dien estuary is being constantly overlapped, fishermen easily  get strained whilst steering the vessels. Mr.Phan Thuan lets known: it is similar every year, Da Dien Estuary is overlappedat higher rates while at the moment, ward 6’s fishing port is also beingoverlapped, which causes it impossible for hundreds of fishing ports to arriveand these vessels have to arrive in other provinces’ ports to sell seafood. Thefishermen have proposed the province and city’s governments to take measures tofundamentally deal with any issues of overlapping at Da Dien estuary and thechannels, creeks into the port…

According to Mr. Nguyen TriPhuong, Vice director of the Department of Agriculture-Rural Development, theproductivity of exploited seafood in January is estimated that 4,100 tons, anincrease of nearly 1% against the same period of previous year, among which theproductivity is oceanic tuna is around 220 tons (An increase of 3.8%). Tocreate favorable conditions for the new sea season, the province really caresand is currently concentrating on dredging the channels and creeks into thefishing ports, creating all o the best conditions for the vessels to get in andout safely. In 2018, Phu Yen is concentrating on restructuring the fleets ofexploiting vessels, purchasing seafood, under the scheme of re-structuring theagricultural sector of the province in the directions of enhancing the addedvalue and sustainable development. The formation of the fleet of logisticfishing vessels is really essential, Phu Yen encourages this formation. Theprovince has proposed the ministry of agriculture and rural development toconduct surveying, doing research, forecasting fishing points, instructing theapplication the technology of discovering fish schools with the use of thetele-survelliance system to enhance the voyage efficiency. Phu Yen continues topropose the government and central sectors and ministries to soon implement theupgrading of infrastructure at the fishing ports and investing in constructingthe major fishing ports, the province’s fish auction markets,…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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