The place for "eagle" to build nests
Updated : Tuesday, February 05, 2019 2:03 PM (GMT+0700)

PhuYen province enjoys a coastline of 189 km with pristine gulfs, beaches,lagoons... creating a rich and diversified ecological landscape for developingkinds of tourism, service, and urban...

PPC Standing Vice Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien (second from left) exchanging with
investors on the sidelines of the Phu Yen Investment Promotion Conference in 2018

Also, the province hasa prime location adjacent to many tourism cities such as Nha Trang, Quy Nhon,Buon Ma Thuot..., therefore, it quickly catches up with other provinces andbecomes a new destination attracting tourists. In addition to the advantagesgiven by the nature, Phu Yen province also focuses on developing technicalinfrastructure, creating many advantages for trade.

The province hascurrently put into operation Ca Pass road to the south and Cu Mong road tunnelto the north, breaking the "oasis" position. Along with that, airwayshave been growing with increasing frequency of flights, creating greatattraction for domestic and foreign investors.

With its advantages, inrecent years, Phu Yen province has attracted many "eagles" to come to"build nests". Mr. Nguyen Quang Phi Tin, International ProjectManager of TH Group, the investor of the project of Concentrated high-techindustrial dairy farm in Phu Yen let known: Through the survey, we saw Van Hoaplateau (Son Hoa district) with suitable soil conditions for dairy farming, thecorporation chose Phu Yen as the first place to locate the factory in the SouthCentral region and the third project after the projects in Ha Giang and ThanhHoa provinces.

The project has thetotal investment of about VND 1,150 billion, scale of 5,000 dairy cows with atotal amount of raw milk harvested 72 tons per day. Currently, the unit hascompleted investment procedures and made the farm built, it is expected that byJune 2019, it will be completed and bring cows to raise.

In the field of urbanand tourism real estate, besides VinGroup with 2 projects of Vincom Tuy Hoa Trade Center and smart shophouse, Thien QuangFashion JSC is also one of the pioneer investors with the project Rosa AlbaResort.

Mr. Doan Van Huynh,Vice Chairman of the administrative bard of the company let known: Realizingthe advantages and potentials of Phu Yen province, especially the dynamicsalong the coastal area of ​​Tuy Hoacity, the unit has invested in eco-tourism project, Rosa Alba Resort villaresort. Currently, the project is entering the finishing stage to prepare foroperation in 2019.

According to PPCStanding Vice Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien, in the context of limited internalresources, Phu Yen province determined the external forces from investors willbe a great resource to help the province develop quickly, sustainably, narrowthe gap with localities in the region and the whole country.

Numerous major projects invested in Phu Yen. In the photo: Projects invested by Vin
Group in operation

Therefore, over thepast time, Phu Yen province has promoted attracting investment through manypromotion programs and conferences; besides, the provincial leaders havedirectly approached to invite investors... So far, the province has attractedmany investors, including big names such as VinGroup, FLC, VinaCapital, SovicoHoldings, Vinamilk, TH, Anam Phat, Apec Mandala, TTP, FBS, J-Power, Phu Kim,TDH Ecoland...

From a poor provincewith a major agricultural production, during the recent years, Phu Yen has madegreat strides, becoming a fertile ground for "eagles" to build anest.

Since 2016, Phu Yenprovince has attracted 182 investment projects with a total registered capitalof more than VND 25,761 billion. In particular, 52 investment projects in thetrade field, 43 projects in the field of services and tourism, 66 projects inthe field of industry and construction, 21 projects in the field ofagriculture, forestry and fisheries. Currently, there have been 75 projectscompleted and put into operation, 19 projects under construction, 78 projectsimplementing investment procedures...

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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