Bringing the new breeze to the collective economy
Updated : Wednesday, January 09, 2019 4:05 PM (GMT+0700)

In the province, afterone year of pilot implementation, many new cooperative models have beendeveloped effectively and initially built to link production, processing andconsumption of agricultural products, as a supportive venue for people. In thecoming time, these models continue to be strengthened, considered as typicalpoints to spread out in the collective economy.

Salt farmers in Song Cau town cleaning the fields prior to the new salt crop

9 cooperatives in 9 districts, town and city were selected asa new cooperative model. After more than 1 year of implementation, the actualoperation of these cooperatives helped to shape the concept of new cooperative.People have begun to have changes in their perception and confidence in thecollective economy.

According to Mr. Pham Ba Hai in Hoa Phong commune (Tay Hoadistrict), for a long time, people here have been growing mulberry, raisingsilkworms, selling cocoons and making silkworm wine; however, households did itseparately so there was not a strong product to stably stand in the market.Until the consolidation of a new type of cooperative, Hoa Phong Agriculturaland Service Business Cooperative has planned a traditional craft village in thedirection of linking production, creating exclusive brand-name silk productsand strengthening trade promotion, which helped to bring higher economic value.Cooperative has done what individual households cannot do.

The units themselves selected as new model cooperatives alsofind themselves "bigger" when escaping from the old shadow. Mr. NguyenThanh Thuan, Director of Duc Binh Dong Agricultural Services Cooperative (SongHinh district) let known: Operating in a new direction, cooperatives clearlysee their role and responsibility to members' lives so they constantly try.Currently, the cooperative operates effectively with many new services such asfertilizer and inter-field irrigation business, opening stations to buy cornand cassava and cooperating with enterprises to make the models of cultivatingkinds of vegetables and fruits. From a loss-making business, the cooperativenow has a turnover of over VND 880 million / year.

Currently, localities continue to consolidate typicalcooperatives of new kind to operate better. According to Mr. Le Tan Thao, ViceChairman of Dong Hoa District People's Committee, Hoa Thanh Tay Cooperative isa local cooperative of new kind. To help this unit increase the scale ofoperation, the district merged 2 cooperatives of Eastern Hoa Thanh and WesternHoa Thanh into a commune-wide cooperative. This new cooperative will have theopportunity to expand production towards the concentration of large fields,thereby easily investing in machinery and technology for processing andassociated consumption with businesses.

Other cooperatives follow the typical models, graduallyovercome difficulties to master production and business links. Mr. Nguyen TienDuy, Director of Tuyet Diem Salt Cooperative, expressed: The trademark of TuyetDiem Salt has been granted registration certificate by the National Office ofIntellectual Property. The Cooperative also organize well production through 4satellite teams, increasing the area of ​​clean salt production. These areadvantages for the cooperative to invest in processing and boostingconsumption.

According to Mr. Le Thanh Lam, Chairman of the ProvincialCooperative Alliance, from 9 typical cooperative models of new kind, now theprovince has replicated 5 cooperatives. Especially, in addition to agriculturalcooperatives, some non-agricultural cooperatives also caught up with this trendto transform themselves. If agricultural cooperatives of new kind have beenforming a chain of production links, helping farmers manage and consumeagricultural products; the non-agricultural cooperatives of new kind are theowners of the supply value chain, creating many jobs with annual incomeincrease for their member. Cooperatives of new kind really bring newperspectives on the collective economy when it meets increasingly the needs andexpectations of the people.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by TRINHTHUY

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