Phu Yen farmers joining hands to construct new rural areas
Updated : Wednesday, October 10, 2018 2:04 PM (GMT+0700)

Inthe past years, the task of Phu Yen farmers’ movements has been developingfairly comprehensively and solidly, creating the significant shifts in lots ofaspects, and this has made considerable contributions to the province’ssocio-eco development. On the 88th anniversary of the establishmentday of Vietnam Farmers’ association (14/10/1930-14/10/2018), Phu Yen Newspaper interviewed Mr. Le Du,Chairman of the Provincial Farmers’ Association about this movement.

Together with applying technical progress into taking care of the rice plants, in the past
time, Phu Yen farmers have also enhanced mechanization in harvesting, gradually
modernizing the agricultural sector and constructing new rural areas. Photo:
Farmers in Dong Hoa district harvesting the summer-autumn crop 2018

* How do you assess theresults gained by all levels of the farmers’ associations in agriculturaldevelopment and the cause of constructing new rural areas (NRA) in the pasttime?

- In the past time, theprovincial farmers’ associations at all levels have constantly renovated thecontents and forms of operation, implementing both intensively and extensivelythe styles and manners of operation, enhancing the quality of emulatingmovements, particularly the movement “ farmers emulating to produce and dobusiness well (PDBW), being united to mutually support in working to bewealthy”.

This movement has beendeveloping both intensively, creating the impetus, encouraging and motivatingthe cadres, farmer members and peoples of all classes in rural areas toeffervescently emulate in laboring and producing, renovating the way ofthinking, doing and overcoming to become wealthy, making significant contributionsto enhancing the farmers’ spiritual and material life.

So far, the entire provincehas got 57,908 PDBW households, at provincial level 3,565 households, atdistrict level 12,808 households and at foundational level 41,109 households.From this movement, there have been lots of households earn good income at theannual figure of over 1 billion dongs; forming 230  models of household groups, linking groups todo business efficiently; encouraging, motivating farmers to develop thesolidarity tradition, mutually supportive, helping poor households to overcomepoverty.

The result is that so far,all levels have propagated and mobilized the entire province’s farmers havecontributed more than 340 billion dongs, 540,813 laboring work, donating  218,282m2 of land, mobilizing theconstruction of 657 new houses for poor, policy families, with the total amountof over 20 billion dongs; constructing 87 models of lightening up rural roadsand installing more than 7,500 energy-saving compact bulbs with the length ofnearly 300km…contributing to constructing better rural landscapes and livingenvironment.

* For the farmers’ movementsto develop more drastically and in a more sustainable manner, what activitiesare going to be implemented by the association in the coming time?

- The association willcontinue to renovate and enhance the tasks of information, propagating to alllevels of the association, cadres and farmer members for those to properlyunderstand the viewpoints of the Party and the State of the roles and positionsof agriculture, farmers, rural areas (three rural segments). Simultaneouslyconcentrating and implementing the scheme of farmers’ association taking partin protecting the legitimate rights and benefits of the farmers; the scheme ofcollecting information of the difficulties, urgently upsetting issues among thefarmers and social viewpoints and opinions towards the three-rural segments.

Enhance the task of dialogueand annually, organizing the program “dialogue with farmers”; inviting theprovincial leaders to meet and have dialogues with farmers in all sectors todeal with entanglements, difficulties during the process of implementing,observing the policies and law related to three-rural segments.

Simultaneously continuing toimplement the Resolution 29 of Vietnam central farmers’ association onenhancing the quality of the movement farmers emulating for PDBW, being unitedto help each other in becoming wealthy and reducing poverty in a sustainableway in the period of 2016-2020; constructing, multiplying the progressivemodels, particularly the role models in PDBW; applying and transferring the scientificand technical progress, agricultural production 4.0 to farmers, contributing toaccelerating the process of shifting plants and animal types in the directionof producing commodities with high competitiveness in the market.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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