The need for Tuy Hoa city to drastically and decisively enhance the task of site clearance
Updated : Saturday, August 11, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

ThePPC has just worked with Tuy Hoa city’s People’s Committee on the situation ofmanaging construction order, site clearance of the projects being implementedin the city.

PPC vice chairman, Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien addressing at the meeting

According to Tuy Hoa city’s People’sCommittee, in recent years, the situation of people invading land to illegallyconstruct houses in the city has occurred quite commonly. From 2015 to now, inthe city, 2,315 construction works (both of houses and temporary works). Viachecking,  the functional authoritieshave discovered and dealt with 373 cases of violations with the total amount ofover 2.3 billion dongs.

As in the first 7 months of2018, the city’s functional authorities have dealt with 18 cases of violationin construction. The locality is facing some difficulties as the authoritiesdealing with construction management are still “thin”, a section of inhabitantslack the awareness in constructing; the communes, wards have not paid attentionto preventing violations. The city is implementing site clearance on lots ofmajor works like South Tuy Hoa urban zone, coastal park, Bach Dang road phase2, Ro embankment phase 2…Nevertheless, the current rate of progress is stillslow in comparison with the assigned plan. 

Concluding the workingsession, comrade Nguyen Chi Hien requested Tuy Hoa city to supplement forces,drastically enhancing the rate of progress in implementing the site clearanceprogress to transfer to the investors. The department of naturalresources-environment chaired to coordinate with the departments, sectors toconsult the PPC to support the city to implement the task of site clearance,particularly the projects of coming 30th anniversary of re-establishing theprovince.

The main investors need toactively coordinate with Tuy Hoa city’s people’s committee to construct theconcrete rate of progress in site clearance. Besides, the city needs to closelymanage the construction order, urban order; attaching significance to the task ofpreventing, overcoming the results of violation.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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