Capital to be lost in case of failing to complete
Updated : Tuesday, May 15, 2018 10:31 AM (GMT+0700)

Theproject of renovating and developing the electricity network for distributionin Phu Yen province was commenced in April 2018, but entanglements are beingnow site clearance, therefore, the rate of progress is slow. Up to the end ofDecember 2018, in case the work has not been completed, the main investor isgoing to withdraw capital to come to other places.

The executing unit constructing the dams and foundations in the rice field in Dong Hoa

According to Phu Yenelectricity company, the project of renovating and developing the electricityfor distribution in Phu Yen has more than 49.3km of mid-voltage line, nearly64.5km of low-voltage lines and 34 voltage-changing stations being completelynewly constructed; the remaining parts are renovating, upgrading the degradingones. Among which, up to 82% of the total length is low-voltage lines directlyleading electricity to the households, spreading in 65 communes, wards,townlets of 9 districts, town and city. Particularly, lots of localities havebackwards electricity network. It can be seen that, right from having theadvocacy of investment, the provincial inhabitants have been of greatconsensus.

According to Mr. Luong ThanhLiem commander of the work by Thuan An Construction Company, the unitrenovating the electricity network in Dong Hoa and Phu Hoa districts, sinceimplementing, both the main investor and the executing unit have spared a greatdeal of time for sit clearance but the results fail to meet the expectations.For the first time,  both the localitiesand inhabitants agreed but once the contractors brought their equipment to theworking place, some localities did not let them implement for the reason of notyet completing the procedures.

According to the directionof Mien Trung Electricity Company, the locality is going to create favorableconditions for the main investor to provide electricity work. To the final timeof the project (at the end of December 2018), if the work is not completed, themain investor will withdraw capital and move to other places. Mr. Duong Van Su,deputy head of the majoring board managing the project, Phu Yen electricitycompany, let known, “each year, Phu Yen electricity company is allowed toallocate about 50 million dongs for investing, upgrading electricity network.

 Meanwhile, theelectricity network in the province’s localities have been seriously degrading.Therefore, the project of renovating and developing electricity network fordistribution in Phu Yen province with the approximate expenditure of nearly 240billion dons will assist the electricity sector to newly invest and partlyupgrade the electricity network in the localities, particularly in the regionswith rural electricity after receiving but not yet obtaining conditions forrenovating. If the localities do not take advantage, later, it is practicallyhard to ask for capital to invest in other projects”.

According to Mr. Su, to dealwith the entanglements, during the awaiting time for the units to complete theprocedures of revoking land for investing in the mid-voltage electricity, PhuYen electricity company has requested the units to concentrate on executing inthe regions without site clearance, the regions with rice land and the sectionswith low-voltage net first. The Company also encourages the executing units toactively advance capital to compensate and conduct site clearance as to therequest of the inhabitants. Besides, the unit has proposed the general companyto ask the Ministry of Industry and Trade to request the Government of Japan toextend time for completing the project to fulfill all related procedures anddocuments…

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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