Enhance inspection and preventing the purchase of dirty meat
Updated : Thursday, February 08, 2018 3:41 PM (GMT+0700)

Theprovincial sub-department of animal protection is enhancing the inspection ofslaughtering, purchasing animals and animal products during the days adjacentto Tet so as to ensure food safety, not letting happen cases of mixing dirtyfood at market.

Functional authorities checking the pork selling venues at Tuy Hoa market

It is only another week thatTet comes, hence, the demand of food consumption among the inhabitants islarge, particularly the fresh food. At Tuy Hoa market, for the past days, themeat stall zones are constantly full of buyers, and the stalls’ owners have toincrease the amount of meat to meet the market’s demand. Mrs. Le Thi ThanhNgoc, a meat stall’s owner here, lets known: from the 20th of December lunarcalendar onwards, pork consumption surges due to higher demand. Currently, thedaily amount of pork I sell is 200 kilos. It is likely that the amount of porkdoubles in the coming days with the fact that the inhabitants buy more to storefor Tet days.

Currently, the demand ofpork consumption increases while the supply sources are low, for this reason,pork prices go up on a daily basis. At Tuy Hoa market, pork sides are offeredat 90,000 dongs/kilo, thigh meat at 80,000 dongs/kilo…These are themost-strongly consumed meat at this time. Due to the high demand, the stall’sowners also extend the selling time. Previously, the operation time used to befrom 4am to 12am now that the time is extended from 2am to 2pm.

According to the provincialsub-department of animal protection, the entire province has around 80,000 to3.9 million poultry; the total amount of poultry, cattle supplied to the marketis around 42,000 tons, meeting 50% of the inhabitants’ consumption. Theremaining amount is bought from adjacent localities of Binh Dinh and Dak Lak….

Also according to thissub-department, on the occasion at the year end, the consumption demand amongthe inhabitants surges strongly, therefore, this is also the favorableopportunity for low quality meat to be sold. Therefore, the sub-department hasdirected the stations of animal protection of districts, town and city toenhance inspection on slaughtering; simultaneously coordinating with functionalsectors, localities to check the purchase operation as well as making sure notletting happen cases of selling dirty meat to the market. Mr. Nguyen Khac HoangQuang, head of Dong Xuan district’s sub-department of animal protection, letsknown: there has not been a concentrated slaughtering venue but there are onlysmall-scale ones scattering in the residential areas. On average, each commune,townlet has from 2 to 4 licensed venues. At higher demands, these venuesincrease the amount of slaughtering, the operation time is also earlier,therefore, the sub-department has requested the animal-protection stations tostrictly control these venues. Besides, the stations coordinate with theinter-sector groups of the district to conduct both periodical and suddeninspection at these venues, also, at the concentrated purchase places to makesure the slaughtered poultries and cattle clean and healthy, so do they meetthe requirements.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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