Stable production in cooperatives after the disaster
Updated : Wednesday, February 07, 2018 5:05 PM (GMT+0700)

Althoughagricultural production has been severely affected by the storm, so far, atcooperatives, farmers have completed seeding for the winter-spring crop. Thisresult is thanks to the timely support from the State policy, the ProvincialPeople's Committee and international organizations to overcome damage after thestorm as well as the cooperatives actively managing production.

Despite difficulties after the storm, farmers still sow ly for the winter-spring crop of
2017-2018. In picture: Member of An Ninh Tay Cooperative (Tuy An district) planting rice

After the storm No. 12 in2017, over 600m of canals in the fields of Hoi Phu, Diem Dien, Binh Thanh... inAn Ninh Tay commune were landslide; affecting the production of more than 300households here. Many people worried that the winter-spring crop will not beable to be deployed on schedule. However, An Ninh Tay Agricultural Cooperative(Tuy An district) had the canals repaired with an investment of more than VND 30million, which helped the farmers to carry out the new crop. Mr. Nguyen HoangPho, Director of the Cooperative, let known: As soon as the incident occurred,the Management Board of the Cooperative consented to use of funds of the unit forrepairing. Agricultural extension staff were asked to overcome the problemimmediately. To the dredged canal sections, laborers were hired to re-embank,the weak parts were also recovered. So far, the whole area of ​​production inthe commune has been seeded and grown.  

Households that lacked seed forproduction also received support for seedlings. According to Mr. Tran DinhQuang, Director of General Business of Agriculture 2 in ward 9 (Tuy Hoa city),after the storm many production areas were flooded, the farmers lost revenue, didnot have enough funds to buy seed for the new crop. Under that situation, the citysupported the cooperative with 2.5 tons of rice to deliver to farmers. Currently,the cooperative has instructed farmers to use this seed source on an area of​​12.5 hectares. Especially, the cooperative do not collect irrigation fee toreduce the cost of production for the winter-spring crop. To supplement thedeficit, the cooperative will use the business profit of 2017.

For the damaged fishermen,the provincial cooperative union has also linked with Korea National Federationof Cooperative Fisheries to provide cash support to promptly encourage thehouseholds to continue to cling the sea. According to the ProvincialCooperative Alliance, the unit awarded VND 20 million to 10 households in SongCau town, VND 25 million to 9 households in Tuy An district, awarded VND 45million to 5 households in Dong Hoa district and 14 households in Tuy HoaCity. They are thefishermen who suffered severe damage after storm No. 12.

Mr. Le Thanh Lam, Chairmanof the Provincial Cooperative Alliance, said, “Although cooperatives wereseriously affected by the storm and had not received funding support, thecooperatives actively responded, timely overcome the canal system damaged, theseedling support to the right subjects, which helped them sowing the winter-springcrop on schedule. According to incomplete statistics, the whole province had 20cooperatives damaged after the storm with the estimated damage of more than VND10 billion, mainly in the interior-field canal system. Until now, the canalsystem has been basically renovated, but in the long term, cooperatives shouldfurther invest to solidify.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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