Overcoming incidents and ensuring traffic on roads
Updated : Monday, December 03, 2018 2:30 PM (GMT+0700)

After consecutivestorms, a series of roads in the province have been damaged with peeled surface, landslides and being submerged deeply in water. Currently, the transport sector is focusing on directing the construction units tomake efforts to repair and overcome incidents; ensuring safe traffic for people.

The surface of highway 1 through Quan Cau pass

After consecutive storms, routes of National Highway 1, 29, 25, 19C and numerous roads are severelydamaged. The surface is peeled, dense potholes on roads cause difficulties in travelling; the  damage estimate is about 19 billion dongs.

In that situation, Phu Yen Transport Department has repaired and upgraded all of the above roads toensure traffic for people. Taking advantage of sunny weather, dozens of equipment and workers focus on construction on the Highway 19C.

According to Mr. Nguyen Le Hoan, Director of the provincial Management Board of funds for road maintenance projects, heavy rains in days have made the National Highway19C damaged seriously; in many sections, taluy roofs are landslide, surface is peeled with many potholes, drainage ditches are also filled. Therefore, the unit hasquickly repaired problems to ensure traffic on the route.Contractors are currently paving the road, dredging ditches as well asreinforcing the taluy roof system.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tri, Director of the Transport Department, lets known: The national highway and provincial roads are currently being urgentlyrepaired and upgraded to ensure smooth traffic. Since the startof construction, most road repair works on areinterrupted with rain. The units have to wait for sunny weather to continue making asphalt concrete. Over the past days,they have focused on mobilizing human resources and equipment to speed up the progress of repairing national highway and provincial roads...

On the construction site of Phu Yen - Gia Lai road, contractors arefocusing on ensuring traffic. According to Mr. Nguyen Viet Bien, Head of the ManagementBoard of Phu Yen - Gia Lai Road Project, some items of the project have not beenapproved for additional adjustment yet, hence making amess, affecting theprogress and methods to ensure traffic safety. Especially, after consecutive heavy rain, the road has many muddy parts.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tri, due to the rainy season is continuing, the task of ensuring traffic safety on roads has been implemented urgentlyand thoroughly. In addition to focusing on repairing roads, the TransportDepartment has directed to inspect, review each route, preparing spare supplies and equipment for troubleshooting, making plans of lane distribution, ensuring traffic in case of bad situation.

Member units of the Disaster Prevention-Search and rescue Board of the Department, including the unit of roadmaintenance, the unit of stone material production... have reviewed andregistered the quantity of materials (steel, stones, sparesupplies…), motorbikes and more than 100 kinds of equipment to be ready to overcome incidents of bridges and roads. The Department also coordinates with localities to reviewcritical positions with high risk of landslides, floods and frequent damage,traffic jam in the rainy season to install signals of warning, restricting or prohibiting traveling when natural disaster occurs.During flood time, Transport Inspectorate (TransportDepartment) actively cooperates with the provincial Police inpatrolling and inspecting task of ensuring traffic safety.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by KHUONGTHAO

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