Implementing many climate change adaptation solutions
Updated : Friday, September 07, 2018 3:17 PM (GMT+0700)

"ClimateChange-Awareness to Adapt, Creativity to Cope" is the message of thecommunication to raise the awareness on climate change for the managementapparatus at all levels and communities in Phu Yen province. For years, theprovince has integrated many activities, from propaganda to raise the awarenessfor the community to multiply solutions; thanks to that, the natural disasterwas overcome timely, the production was still stable...

People in Son Hoa district viewing the propaganda material on climate change

Followed up the propagandaactivities to raise the awareness on the environment, the Department of NaturalResources and Environment continues the communicate to enhance conception onclimate change for managers at all levels and communities in the province. Mr.Truong Dinh Khai, Head of the Hydrometeorology and Climate Change Division, letsknown: The unprotected environment causes the climate to change, resulting instorms, floods, droughts and rising sea ​​level..., which has seriously affectedto human life. In Phu Yen province, the worst consequence of climate change isthe typhoon No. 12 at the end of 2017, causing 37 people to be injured, 2 dead,2 missing, and VND 3,000 billion in economic losses. During and after thestorm, many households did not have access to clean water, electricity and manyplaces were isolated... Since the beginning of this year, due to climatechange, drought lasted in mountainous areas of the province, especially droughtoccurs in the rainy season. Therefore, raising awareness of the community onclimate change to take practical actions to protect the environment isessential. In this communication, the unit not only conveys knowledge but alsofocuses on sharing the experience of response as well as scientific solutionsto adapt to climate change today. In particular, it encourages people to createhousehold products by using recycled materials such as flower baskets, baskets,bags... from leaves, dried sugar canes, used plastic cans...

Our province is in theprocess of adaptation to climate change, which transforms plants, introducesnew seeds and mechanization into production, using environmentally friendlyenergy... is the way to overcome drought and saline intrusion. Mr. Phan TheLuu, Deputy Head of Natural Resources and Environment of Son Hoa district, letknown: In the agricultural production, the locality mobilized people to convertmore than 2,000 hectares of inefficient rice cultivation due to not activewater sources to planting maize, vegetables, beans, watermelon byintercropping, rotation, which has brought more income than rice. The localgovernment has encouraged businesses and individuals to use energy-friendlyenergy. In April 2017, KCP Biomass Power Plant under KCP Vietnam LimitedCompany located in the district officially connected to the national powergrid. The plant utilizes the remaining sugar cane residue from the sugar plantto generate biomass, a clean, environmentally friendly energy source. Householdsuse solar batteries for production and living. For example, in Son Phuoccommune, many households used solar batteries to irrigate sugarcane.

Mrs. Le Dao An Xuan, deputydirector of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, said:"For many past years, the management and response to climate change hasbeen focused on by the provincial authorities. Our province has identified thatpropaganda to raise awareness on climate change is one of the most importanttasks to be carried out from the management level to the community. Linkingtheory with specific solutions will help the community to understand deeplyabout climate change, how to think, how to do and take practical action to helpreduce the negative impact of climate change on life.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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