The green color on the high milpas
Updated : Sunday, February 18, 2018 2:00 PM (GMT+0700)

Springis coming, the buds bloom, the green color fully covers the high milplas.Everywhere in the hamlets and cultural villages, the gongs and drums sounds aswell as the weaving frames sounds combine and make the joyful spring atmosphere.Everywhere, the smiles, laughter’s are ready to get rid of the sweat of adiligent working year. Stepping in the high regions, the green color and springare parallel.

This year, sugar cane with higher juice capacity than previous years

Leaving behind the producing work of a year,Mr. Nguyen Dinh Sao in Tan Yen hamlet, Ea Ly commune (Song Hinh district) isintermingling with the “dan tinh” musical instrument sounds and the Tay ethniccompatriots, the songs are sung out loud to welcome the new spring and Party.Mr. Sao excitedly said, “spring is coming, the compatriots come to the culturalhouse. Each person contributes something, i.e a cow, a pig, wine pots, or evensinging, dancing,….all of these combine to create a spring. The springatmosphere is full of humanity and natural sentiment. The spring sun and springbreeze add more energy to the success of a new year”.

In the milpa, the green color of sugarcane,cassava, all of the other fruit trees seem to promise a bumper crop. Mr. SoMinh Tien in Ea Cha Rang commune (Son Hoa district), joyfully said, “my househas 5ha of sugarcane and 3ha of which has been harvested, the other 2ha will beharvested by machines after Tet days. Although this year we faced rain andwind, thanks to preserving the plants, the sugarcane gets much lusher. At theend of the year, my family can earn more than 150 million dongs and deposit 100million dongs at the bank, spring the remaining 50 million dongs for Tet days.

Among these green colors are the roadsleading to the immense producing areas which are so clean and nice, the ruralroads have positively supported production, economic development for themountainous inhabitants in the past year. Coming to Kit hamlet in Song Hinhcommune (Song Hinh district), the concrete roads are wherever the overalldevelopment of the entire commune and district can be vividly seen.  Mr. Le Thanh Tung, chairman of the people’scommittee of Song Hinh commune, boasted: 8 routes with the total length of4.8km has been completed and connected Kit village with the overall traffic systemof the commune; from this, creating the favorable conditions for thetransportation of the inhabitants and transporting  agricultural products, commodities as well asexpanding trade relations.

Sustainable development in the mountainousregions is also the province’s targets in the past years; so far it has createdthe harmonious development, placing the land on the development trend. Sincethe time of implementing the policy of planting economy forests, theinhabitants have been assigned land o preserve and maintain the green color.The elderly Oi Kip in Ma Dia village, Ca Lui commune (Son Hoa district) ishappily sharing: the forests do not only bring about the opportunities foreradicating hunger and reducing poverty but also helps the local inhabitantsbecome wealthy. There are no longer the days of going deep into the forests tochop down the trees or burning coals in return for rice. Now the compatriotsare so excited at planting trees, caring for the forests and covering the hillsand mountains with the green color.

The mountainous districts continue to beinvested for constructing such factories as tuynel brick factory or the factorymanufacturing wood chips…, and this has shifted the economic structure,creating more jobs, increasing income for the inhabitants. Mr. Nay Y Blung, Chairmanof Son Hoa district’s people’s committee, lets known: in 2017, in the district,the PPC permitted the construction of tuynel brick Sơn Hòa factory and Van Hoafactory of manufacturing wood chips, with the total investment capital ofnearly 55 billion dongs. In 2018, the two factories are put into operation andis  surely providing stable jobs tohundreds of local workers.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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