81/84 agricultural cooperatives operating under Cooperative Law 2012
Updated : Saturday, July 15, 2017 2:29 PM (GMT+0700)

The PPC has just organized the preliminary conference operating under Cooperative Law in 2012 in agricultural sector.

The Department of Agriculture - Rural development signing the emulating movements with 9 districts, communes and cities in the province on cooperative development to contribute to agricultural structure, constructing rural areas

According to the provincial Department of Agriculture - Rural development, the entire province has 84 cooperatives and 81 of which have registered for operation under the Cooperative Law 2012: the agricultural cooperatives have the total operation capital of over 281 billion dongs, an increase of 61.73 billion dongs against the year 2013. The average annual income for one cooperative is 130 million dongs. The cooperatives attract more than 136,000 members; dealing with employment for over 2,000 workers. The average member’s income per year is over 26 million dongs. Currently, all of the 81 agricultural cooperatives in 58 communes of the province reach the criterion 13 of rural areas…

Concluding the conference, PPC Vice Chairman Tran Huu The emphasized: to deal with the difficulties at the cooperatives, the PPC has assigned the department of planning-investments to establish groups to support the cooperatives and these groups include the departments of finance, natural resources-environment, the provincial tax bureau, banks…and they will all work with the localities and cooperatives to deal with each single issues, with the methods of “directly showing what to do” for each cooperative. The entanglements in mechanism like the fact that there is law but no circulars to instruct how to implement, then, the related departments and sectors will base on the practical situations to issue temporary solutions to present to the PPC for the cooperatives to soon figure out solutions.

At the conference, the Department of Agriculture - Rural development signing the emulating agreements with 9 districts, communes and cities in the province, heading towards “renovating, developing the agricultural cooperatives under Cooperative Law in 2012 contributing to the implementation of restructuring the agricultural sector and constructing new rural areas”.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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