Ministry submits private enterprise development plan
Updated : Saturday, January 12, 2019 10:19 AM (GMT+0700)

The Ministry ofPlanning and Investment (MPI) has composed a draft plan for sustainabledevelopment of Vietnamese private enterprises by 2030.

Vietnam strives to have at least 1.5 million sustainable businesses throughout the country
by 2030 - Photo: VNA

As per the draft, MPI plans to improve the quality andoperational efficiency of private enterprises, as well as the businessenvironment for enterprises to develop. Vietnam strives to have at least 1.5million sustainable businesses throughout the country by 2030.

According to MPI, Vietnam’s private enterprises will have tonarrow the gap in technology level, quality of human resources andcompetitiveness with the leading group of ASEAN 4.

The ministry will focus on promoting innovation in privateenterprises as well as strengthening business links, in order to raise the rateof enterprises participating in regional and global production networks andvalue chains equal to the leading countries in ASEAN 4 by 2030.

In addition, till 2030, it is expected that growth in thenumber of workers in the private sector will reach 6-8 percent and the rate ofincome improvement of workers in this area must also reach 15-20 percent.

Regarding solutions, MPI proposed ministries,ministerial-level agencies, and local authorities to continue to improve thebusiness investment environment to ensure the maintenance of trust and enhancesustainable business investment of private enterprises.

In addition, enterprises are encouraged to apply sustainablebusiness models, clean production technologies, efficient use of naturalresources and environmental protection as well.

In order to implement the sustainable development plan ofprivate enterprises by 2030, ministries, departments and localities shouldintegrate the contents and solutions of sustainable development for privateenterprises with national target programmes, projects, and target programmes ofrelated ministries, branches and localities to use resources effectively.

This draft plan will be submitted to the Government and sentto ministries and agencies for comments before approval.

Source: VNS/VNA

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