The activity of industry extension - “The midwife” of rural enterprises
Updated : Wednesday, July 11, 2018 5:50 PM (GMT+0700)

Inthe past time, the activities of industry extension and trade promotion of thedepartment of industry and trade has well developed the role of “the midwife”for the production foundations, rural industrial enterprises, from supportingwith machine investment, equipment to modernize production to constructing thetrade, improving the packaging, looking for consuming markets. Thanks to this,the activity of these enterprises are getting both stable and developed.

An enterprise getting support with expenditure for the industry extension to support the
production of toughened glass

According to the Department ofIndustry and Trade, in the past time, the activity of industry extension hasbeen increasingly held in various forms, from investing in innovating machines,progressive equipment to applying progressive technology into production. Themodels of performing the production technique is being increasingly andefficiently enhanced. The task of developing industrial products, introducingcargo, changing product samples and packages have been properly invested. Thetask of developing the typical rural industrial products has been cared by theenterprises. The scope and quality of the scheme has been enhanced, whichpositively impacts the development of the province’s rural industry.

As for the producing householdsin the minor industrial handicraft villages, the activity of industry extensionis even more meaningful. Mr. Nguyen Hai, owner of Hai Thom rice paper producingunit, An My commune, Tuy An district, expressed: previously, the inhabitants inHoa Da rice paper craft village only knew how to manually make rice paper,depending too much on the natural conditions, therefore, the productionefficiency was low. Thanks to the support and encouragement of the departmentof industry and trade, lots of producing households in the village have knownhow to invest into making rice paper with modern machines. The village’sproducts have also been supported with packaging, connecting, introducing andbeing consumed at the supermarkets, the stores introducing the locality’sspecialties…., thanks to this, the village’s product value has been enhanced toa new height. Currently, the village has got nearly 400 producing units, andabout 30 of those households have invested in rice-paper making machines. The localmen’s life has been considerably improved.

According to Mr. Dao TanCam, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, from the year 2017 tonow, through the source of industry extension funds, the sector has supportedmore than 4.4 billion dongs to support the enterprises and producing units ofthe province to invest in modern equipment, consulting, designing the productpackaging as well as taking part in the exhibitions, fairs, conferences toconnect the supply and demand…This capital source has been used efficiently bythe enterprises and this has contributed to supporting the enterprises toimprove and diversify the products.

Mr. Dao Tan Cam let known: Inthe coming time, the sector of industry and trade is connecting the activity ofindustry extension with the program of national target of constructing newrural areas; promoting the formation of the industrial production points, theclusters of connecting production within the craft villages with productconsumption. The sector of industry and trade also orientates the developmentfor  the households producing within thecraft villages into the producing foundations, trading households,cooperatives, cooperating groups to concentrate forces for support. The unitalso continues to take advantage of the capital sources of: industry extension,the national target program, science and technology….to intermingle, supportthe enterprises for development. Besides, the activity of industry extensionwill concentrate on timely propagating the information in economy, market,especially the information on integrating into the international economy tosupport the enterprises of advertising, introducing and consuming products,expanding the consuming market.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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