Efforts are made to the year 2020, the provincial PCI will have been in top 20 of the entire nation
Updated : Tuesday, April 17, 2018 2:33 PM (GMT+0700)

ThePPC has just organized the conference to report the results of announcing thePCI, PAPI of the province in 2017 and implement some focal tasks in the year2018.

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Mr. Huynh Tan Viet, addressing to
direct the conference

As to the ranking results ofPCI in 2017, Phu Yen reached 60.59 points, an increase of 3.66 points againstthe year 2016; and Phu Yen was ranked 47/63 cities and provinces of the entirenation, an increase of 4 levels against the year 2016. Despite increasing in points,and with higher position, the province’s current position remains low withoutany breakthroughs. Among the 10 section criteria of PCI in 2017, the provincehas 4 criteria in the fairly low group including : getting access to land, transparency,positivity of the provincial government and legal institutions.

In 2018, the departments,sectors and localities in the province continue to double check, simplify theadministrative procedures in all sectors; continue to enhance the dividinglevels of management to enhance the activeness, creativity,self-responsibilities of the sectors and localities. Simultaneously implementingin a synchronous and efficient manner of all solutions for enhancing the PCI,among the sectors, levels, departments and offices at provincial level withdistrict level. Efforts are made so that for the 3rd consecutiveyear, PCI of the province can increase the points as well as the rank; ensuringto reach the target of Phu Yen’s PCI being among the top 20 of the nation.

The province’s PAPI in 2017reached 36.27 points, ranked 34 among the 63 provinces and cities, being amongthe group with the low average points. Against the year 2016, Phu Yen’s PAPI in2017 was increased 1.52 points, increasing 14 levels and no longer in the lowpoint group.

At the conference,representatives of departments, sectors and localities let known that in thecoming time, more efforts are made to continue double checking administrativeprocedures at the units; announcing the information in scheming, compensating;erecting and modifying PAPI, PCI in the province.

Addressing to direct theconference, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Mr. Huynh Tan Viet,emphasized: after the conference, each department, sector, locality, each cadre,civil servant should look at themselves and make comparison with otherprovinces to issue concrete plans for the sake of efficient administrativeprocedures, creating open, healthy investment environment. The PPC is alsodouble checking the administrative procedures to see if it is possible toreduce more cadres; simultaneously applying drastically IT into the sector ofstate management, creating favorable condition for the inhabitants, enterprisesonce dealing with tasks…

 Concluding theconference, PPC Chairman, Mr. Hoang Van Tra proposed that in the plan ofimproving and enhancing PCI and PAPI, the departments, sectors and localitieswould need to show the political determination with high spirit; showing themanner of transparency with the responsibilities of providing concreteexplanations, showing the task division, right division and regulations. In thecoming time, the province is going to implement DCI-District competition indexto create the atmosphere of striving, emulating healthily among the localities;simultaneously enhancing propagating, inspecting and supervising against theprocess of implementation.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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