Renovating and developing the system of electricity to serve the socio-eco development
Updated : Wednesday, April 11, 2018 8:01 AM (GMT+0700)

Thesub-project of renovating and developing the distributed electricity network ofPhu Yen (JICA) whose main investor is Phu Yen electricity company has just beenimplemented, and it is estimated to be completed at the end of this year. Asrelated to this project, Phu Yen Newspaper had a quick interview with Mr. ThaiMinh Chau, Director of Phu Yen electricity company. Mr. Chau lets known:

Installing electricity poles to implement the sub-project of distributed electricity network
in Phu Yen province

- Currently, the electricitysystem in lots of the regions of the province has been operated for over 15years and degraded, particularly in rural areas. Despite the fact thatannually, the electricity network sector does large investment to renovate,repair this system, it is impossible to make it synchronous, due to lackingcapital and the increase in the demands of extra loads, the investment intocompleting the electricity system to meet the demands of using electricity forthe current time as well as the coming time is really urgent.

The target of the project isto invest to upgrade and complete the entire system of electricity network todistribute 22/0,4kv electricity all over the province to meet the annualincrease of 8% to 10%; ensuring the consecutive and stable supply of electricityto customers, contributing to the locality’s socio-eco development.

JICA sub-project with thetotal investment of 236 billion dongs, from the loan capital source of Japanesecooperative office. This sub-project is invested in 65 wards, communes and townlets belonging to 9 districts, town and city of the province with the scope of206.9km of mid-voltage lines, 194.5km of lower voltage lines, 40 voltagestations with the total capacity of 10.063kVA, 22 sets of recloser cutters and6 boxes of set cutting machines.

 * To accelerate therate of progress of the project, which solutions do Phu Yen electricity companyand related units need to take?

 - Renovating anddeveloping the distributed electricity network in Phu Yen is the focal projectof Central Electricity general company in the year 2018. This is theinfrastructure project with great meanings to contribute to developing theprovince’s society and economy in the period of2018 to 2025.

This project uses the ODAloan capital source, therefore the implementation must ensure meeting thepledged rate of progress. The project is divided into 4 packages implemented byElectricity constructing and installing JSC 1, Binh Ha JSC, Thuan Anconstructing Company, An Ngai mechanics and installing JSC-Tuy Phuoc Binh Dinh electricityconstructing and installing.

To speed up the workimplementation, the responsibilities of the main investors means to urgently completethe procedures related to land and environment; constructing the rate ofprogress for detailed implementation, determining the concrete orientations atthe localities where the project is implemented. It is a must to attachpriorities to investing in renovating, upgrading and simultaneouslyimplementation of newly-invested routes.

To ensure meeting the assignedrate of progress, Phu Yen electricity company is coordinating with thelocalities to urgently implement compensation, site clearance as well asmobilizing the inhabitants in the regions with the ongoing implementation ofthe sub-project to urgently conduct compensation, site clearance and mobilizedthe inhabitants to consent and support the submitting clearance for the sectorto timely deal with all entanglements emerging during the process of executingand well implementing the tasks of supervising, urging the contractors tofollow the assigned rate of progress.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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