Lots of benefits from the projects supporting small-scale households planting forests
Updated : Wednesday, January 10, 2018 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Afterover-a-year implementation in Phu Yen, so far, the project VE6566 by Finlandagricultural department-FFD, supporting the small-scale households plantingforests heading towards forest certificate, has gained the very first results.The inhabitants are trained with the knowledge of taking care of and protectingforests in a progressive way. Two cooperatives have taken part in the projectsand obtained opportunities to get access to the process ofplanting-caring-consuming forestry products, laying the premises forconstructing the linking chain in production.

Practice on the technique of taking care of the forests at Hoa Dinh Tay cooperative

With 3h of half-bredguletine trees, Mrs. Pham Thi Mai in Hoa My Tay commune (Tay Hoa district), whohas got many years of experience in planting and caring the trees and is still doingthis, with the experience transferred from the previous generations. It is notuntil she was trained with the technique of planting that Mrs. Mai could get toknow more, “previously, when I bought the breed trees, the large trees had thepeel stick out, however, when I got instructed by the forestry cadres thatdoing this way would easily cause the trees to death due to lacking nutritionfrom the outside, the peel would also find it hard to demolish, leading to landcontamination. Since then, before planting, I torn out the peels, and I usedboth hands to firmly hold the land portion to place into the holes, this wayhelps the trees develop as well as avoiding collapse at strong winds andstorms”, Mrs. Mai said.

Not only the householdspossessing forests but the agricultural cooperatives as well have been equippedwith facilities to prevent and combat fires and getting support withexpenditure of building nursery gardens. Mr. Phung Minh Tuan, director of HoaMy Tay agricultural cooperative doing agriculture and trading services, letsknown: the cooperative gets support to build two observing stations againstforest fires. The cadres and the members of the cooperative are transferred withthe theories and practice on how to use the equipment of preventing andcombating fires and making the white alleys to ban fire…After studying, thecooperative’s group of preventing and combating forest fires are supported withthe equipment like the extinguishers, binoculars, labor-protective equipment,plow and hoe…

Mr. Truong Van Tuan, Directorof the Provincial Center of breeds and plantation technique (department ofagriculture-rural development), lets known; after getting trained withbio-forestry, the units taking part in the projects have formed two nurturinggardens meeting the standard technique. The breed plants sold in the markethave been certified by the center of meeting the quality standard. Theinhabitants have been formed with the custom of planting scientific forestswith sufficient steps from selecting breeds, planting trees, caring for toexploiting. This is definitely the premise for the wood products by theinhabitants to conduct export to foreign markets, and this in turns leads tohigher economic values with the right meaning of planting economic forests.

Mr. Le Thanh Lam, Chairman ofthe Provincial Cooperatives’ alliance, lets known: the project VE6566 has thegreat social meaning in the way that it encourages the inhabitants to plantforests, cover the empty lands with green color and helps protect theecological environment. This project is also compatible with the connectionwith the province’s advocacies of restructuring forestry and promoting theprograms of planting economic forests, creating the livelihood and eradicatinghunger, reducing poverty, increasing income for the households with forests. Asor the economic collective sections, this project is the foundation for 19forestry cooperatives in the province to construct the chain linking forestryproducts. In the coming time, the unit concentrates for the cooperatives tocomplete the steps of producing to receive forest certificates. We do not endat the selected cooperatives taking part in the project but also expand intothree more cooperatives, establishing the group of forest certificatesincluding the cooperatives of Hoa My Tay, Hoa Dinh Tay, Hoa Phu, Hoa Hoi andHoa Thinh.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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