CPI in November falling thanks to down prices of gasoline and gas
Updated : Tuesday, December 04, 2018 4:28 PM (GMT+0700)

According to the statistics from Phu Yen Statistical Office, the CPI inNovember, 2018 in the province decreased by 0.15% over the previous month, up4.01% over the same period last year, increasing 3% compared with December lastyear. Average CPI in the first 11 months of 2018 increased 3.8% over the sameperiod last year.

In November,there were 5 out of 11 commodity groups and services with reduced price index,including the groups of transportation; housing, electricity, water, fuel andbuilding materials; food; post and telecommunication; medicines and medicalservices.

Thetransportation group reduced 1.77% due to gasoline price in the month adjusteddown for 2 times; in particular, the A95 gasoline price of from 22,640dongs/liter down to 20,360 dongs/liter, E5 gasoline price of 21,090 dongs/literdown 18,990 dongs/liter, diesel price of 18,910 dongs/liter down 17,980dongs/liter.

The group ofhousing, electricity, water, fuel and building materials decreased by 0.68% dueto gas price falling 8.7% (down 32,000 dongs for gas tank of 12 kilogram); oilprice down 860 dongs/liter… Food also reduced by 0.42%; in details, sticky ricedown 4.06%, tasty rice down 0.45%, normal rice down 0.14%, corn down 5.4%,sweet potato down 5%, cassava down 1.91%...

Meanwhile,the telecommunication sector decreased by 0.06% as mobile phones dropped 0.38%;the medicines and medical services fell 0.03% due to the reduction of 0.22% ofkinds of drugs.

The average 99.99gold price in November, 2018 was VND 3.549 million for 3.75 gram of gold, up1.31% over the previous month, down 0.87% over the same month last year anddown 0.42% over December last year. The USD price in November, 2018 was VND23,401 per one dollar, down 0.28% over the previous month, up 2.66% over thesame month last year and up 2.62% over December last year.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper

Translated by TRINHTHUY

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