Impatience for the electricity sector due to procedure difficulties
Updated : Thursday, June 14, 2018 10:46 AM (GMT+0700)

Atthe end of 2017, the Central Power Corporation deployed the project ofinstalling the 2nd Hoa Hiep 110kV substation and 4 power lines for surroundingareas to ensure supply electricity for the South Phu Yen Economic Zone.However, this project has faced some difficulties, hence stopping for more thansix months, making it difficult to supply electricity to serve the needs ofsocio-econo development in this area.

Phu Yen Electricity Company connecting the electric cable system for Hoa Tam commune
from the 110kV Deo Ca substation

South Phu Yen Economic Zonehas industrial parks of Hoa Hiep 1 and Hoa Hiep 2 and numerous importantprojects of the province. However, electric grid in this area does not meet theneeds of local development. Particularly, in Hoa Tam commune, the electricitysupply is not ensured due to being too far away from station. Currently, thiscommune is supplied electricity by 22kV line with a length of over 20 km,connecting from Hoa Hiep 110kV substation through Hoa Vinh town, Hoa Xuan Nam and Hoa Tamcommunes.

Because of far distance, theline is often overloaded locally in dry season, while in rainy season, deepfloods often occur, causing local split. In this situation, in August, 2017,the Central Power Corporation has deployed the project of installing the 2ndHoa Hiep 110kV substation. It includes installation of 1 substation with thecapacity of 40MVA, increasing the capacity of Hoa Hiep 110kV substation to65MVA and investment in 4 22kV lines with total length of 15,5km to supplyelectricity to Hoa Tam commune and connecting to 110kV substations in the area.

To ensure electricity supplyfor the South Phu Yen Economic Zone, Phu Yen Electricity Company has workedwith Deo Ca Investment Corporation to utilize 110kV substation of this unit tomake a power line for Hoa Tam commune and a part of Hoa Xuan Nam commune.However, this is a temporary solution, as this 110kV substation does not havesufficient capacity for large projects which will be deployed in this key areain the coming time.

 According to theManagement board of Central power grid project, the 22kV section through DaNong bridge is expected to use underground cable along the bridge, with alength of 620m. This solution was evaluated by the General Department of Energy(Ministry of Industry and Trade) and agreed by departments in the province.However, it has not been approved by the unit giving license under theDirectorate for Roads of Vietnam, hence being still interrupted and having riskof abandoning the constructed part.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Lam,Director of the Management board of Central power grid project, lets known thatthe electricity sector has researched solution of floating line crossing riverto replace underground cable crossing bridge. However, this solution has toomany disadvantages such as large investment cost, long construction time,unsafe construction at river gate, far and complicated distance... In contrast,the solution of underground cable will have high safety, low cost, fastconstruction time... so it is still the best solution.

However, after nearly 6months of interruption, so far, the project has not been continued constructioneven though the electricity sector has repeatedly consulted relevant functionaldepartments. Phu Yen Power Company petitioned the PPC to submit proposal to theDirectorate for Roads of Vietnam for allowing the electricity sector to connectthis line crossing Da Nong bridge through an underground cable system along thebridge to soon complete upgrading of the power grid in order to serve thesocio-econo development demand of the South Phu Yen Economic Zone.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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