Suoi Vuc lake will relieve the thirst and drought for the sugarcane areas in Son Hoa district
Updated : Friday, June 08, 2018 2:29 PM (GMT+0700)

Inthe past time, Phu Yen’s sugarcane material areas mainly in mountainousdistricts of Son Hoa, Song Hinh and Dong Xuan did not have initiatives inirrigation, completely depending on the weather, hence low yield. Since peopleapplied model of sugarcane irrigation, yield has been increased up to 100 tonsper ha. In Son Hoa district, Suoi Vuc lake will help this locality form a largesugarcane field of thousands hectares.

Farmers participating in the model of sugarcane irrigation in Son Phuoc commune
(Son Hoa district)

Mr. Doan Dac Mien in SonNguyen commune (Son Hoa district) grows 10ha of sugarcane. For the past fewyears, he has applied the drip irrigation model by digging well and pumpingwater into a tank, then using machine to suck water into piping system withsprinkler to drip sugarcane. Mr. Mien lets known: Drip irrigation saves waterand brings about high yield. Once having water, I can actively fertilize in theright time so sugarcane grow rapidly. When completely depending on the weather,if it is too sunny and causes drought, sugarcane will dry up and can’t recoverwhen rain comes. My family invests in drip irrigation system so sugarcane rootsare saved in the 4th year and leaves are still green during sunny months. Overthe past few years, our sugarcane yield always reaches 100 tons per ha.

Recently, Phu Yenagricultural sector has implemented irrigation model for sugarcane withautomatic sprinkler on an area of ​​3ha with the participation of 3 farmerhouseholds in Son Phuoc commune (Son Hoa district). As a result, with the samecultivation conditions, varieties and fertilizers, the yield of sugarcane grownin traditional way without watering is only 70 tons per ha, while the yield ofsugarcane grown with this model is 90 tons per ha and profit of more than 10,8million per ha. 

Son Hoa district has thelargest area of ​​sugarcane in the province with over 15,300ha. This provincehas Suoi Vuc lake with the capacity of over 10,5 million m3 of water. Atpresent, this lake has supplied water for nearly 40 ha plants, mainly sugarcanewhile according to the design profile, its irrigation capacity is 700ha of riceand 90ha of sugarcane in Son Nguyen and Suoi Bac communes.

Mr. Pham Dinh Phung, ViceChairman of the People's Committee of Son Hoa district, lets known: Localauthorities have linked a lot of agricultural promotion programs to supportfarmers in production. As for model of sugarcane irrigation, the highest yieldcan be up to 100 tons per ha. With effectiveness of this model, the localityplans to expand area of ​​sugarcane getting water from Suoi Vuc lake.

The People's Committees ofthe district, Son Nguyen commune and Suoi Bac commune have organized meetingwith people to implement large sugarcane field with high yield becauseaccording to current trend, there must be large sample fields to applymechanization and develop value chain for sugarcane. In order to expand areasof sugarcane, increase yield and quality of sugarcane materials, farmers, localauthorities and sugar factories are making efforts to build large sugarcanefields.

According to Mr. K.V.S.RSubbaiah, General Director of KCP Vietnam Industrial Co., Ltd., when havingagreement of local authorities and people, KCP will continue to work with theprovince and Son Hoa district to fulfill the commitment of growing sugarcanewith irrigation conditions in Suoi Vuc lake. When the sugarcane areas withirrigation are expanded, the yield will increase, hence increasing income offarmers.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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