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Updated : Friday, June 08, 2018 9:13 AM (GMT+0700)

Aftermore than 3 years of implementing the credit policy under Decree 67 on a numberof fishery development policies, the Government recently issued Decree No.17/2018/ND-CP amended with supplementing a number of articles of Decree 67,including new regulations on credit policy as well as one-time support policyafter investment. Phu Yen Newspaperinterviewed Mr. Nguyen Van Han, Director of the State Bank of Vietnam in PhuYen branch, about this issue.

So far, many Phu Yen fishermen have been provided loans for building steel-shell ships
under Decree 67

* Could you tell us theresults after 3 years of implementing the credit policy under Decree 67 in theprovince?

- So far, the PPC has issuedthe approval decision for 15 stages with 66 ship-owners who are eligible formaking loans for building, upgrading, reforming and working capital loans(including 25 vessels newly built and upgraded and 41 ships borrowed working-capital-loans);issued a decision to remove 3 batches (including 20 newly built vessels) asthese customers no longer need loans.

As of May 2018, the commercialbanks in the province have signed loan contracts for constructing 19 new ships(8 steel-shell vessels, 4 wooden-shell ships, 7 composite-shell ships) andupgrading 5 ships with the committed amount of nearly VND 281.7 billion,disbursed nearly VND 281 billion, debt collection more than VND 7.5 billion.Existing debt is nearly VND 273.4 billion, accounting for 1.17% of totaloutstanding loans in the whole area. Banks also disbursed more than VND 7.9billion for 38 customers making the working capital loans; up to now there havebeen no customers with outstanding loans.

* At present, the Governmenthas issued Decree No. 17/2018/ND-CP amended with supplementing a number ofarticles of Decree 67, including new regulations on credit policy as well as theone-time support policy after investment. Could you tell us these new points?

- Decree 17 has some newmore liberal contents, overcoming the inadequacies of Decree 67. In particular,it is possible to implement the mechanism of ship-owner conversion in caseswhere the ship-owner is no longer able to continue implementing the projectsfor newly building or upgrading ships or the ship-owners have completed but notyet fully capable of exploiting marine products.

In this case, the new ownerwill continue to receive interest rate support when receiving the ship and theloan from the former ship-owner. In addition, the working capital borrowingpolicy is also amended to include borrowers; the working capital loans shall beagreed upon by credit institutions and customers in accordance with the currentlaw provisions on credit policies in service of agricultural and ruraldevelopment.

* In the coming time, howwill the banking sector carry out Decree 17 in the province, sir?

- In order to mplementDecree 17, the PPC assigned the Department of Agriculture and Rural Developmentto deploy and guide to implement the one-time support policy after theinvestment; at the same time, it receives dossiers, appraises and advises the ProvincialPeople's Committee for approval. The State Bank of Vietnam also issued acircular guiding the transfer of debt under the ship owner conversion scheme.In the coming time, the State Bank in Phu Yen branch will continue to monitorand supervise implementing the new contents stipulated in Decree 17 and advise tooffer measures to remove difficulties and problems in the real process to presentto the PPC and the State Bank of Vietnam if any arise.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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