Farmers in Phu Hoa district contributing to the construction of rural areas
Updated : Thursday, June 07, 2018 11:12 AM (GMT+0700)

Withthe focal role in the movement of constructing new rural areas (NRA), in thepast time, the farmer association in Phu Hoa district has implemented theconcrete, creative contents and working ways and have brought about practicaleffects in the district’s localities.

Farmers in My Thanh hamlet (Hoa Thang commune, Phu Hoa district) having further
income thanks to making brooms

In the past time, with theParty levels, governments and other organizations, the farmer associations fromthe district to foundation levels have concentrated on propagating themeanings, purposes of the program of constructing NRA to the members andfarmers via the forms of propagating, which are so much lively, namely:activities in the clubs, organizations; opening the conferences, commending theprogressive models in good producing and trading. Through which, contributions aremade to raise the awareness, the meaning of self reliance as well as creatingthe great consensus among the farmers.

Mrs. Huynh Thi Son, Chairwomanof Phu Hoa District’s People’s Committee, let known, “for the inhabitants torespond to this program, apart from the task of announcing and proagaitng theadvocacies, policies of the organization, directions are also given to thefoundations to take part in the programs of “ joining hands, hearts and mindsto construct NRA”, mobilizing the models “bright lights along the villageroads”, the model of “branches of farmers self manage the road parts which arebright, clean, green and nice”, the model of “collecting rubbish”, constructingthe clean restrooms, deal with waste in breeding cattle and poultry.

Mr. Diep Tan Duong, Chairmanof  Farmers’ association in Hoa Thangcommune, shared,  “the task of propagating to help members and farmers tounderstand what new rural areas mean, who construct NRA and the key roles offarmers in constructing NRAs include which contents…?For instance, duringimplementing the model “bright lights along the village roads, there have beensuch wonderings about the monthly electricity bill payment. When being analyzedabout the efficiency in daily activities, the farmers have shown the greatconsensus in this. They understand that the system of lighting system do notonly contribute to enhancing the life quality but also minimizes trafficaccidents and ensure the security and order in the locality, hence, consensusis great”.

According to Chairman offarmers’ association in Phu Hoa district, Mrs. Huynh Thi Son, a typical member,farmers who directly understand and receive the results of constructing NRA arethose positively respond to the movement. Lots of members, farmers voluntarily respond.Lots of farmers and members have voluntarily donate land and conduct siteclearance, contribute day labor, cash to make concrete roads, repair, upgradeinner-road channels, construct the headquarter of the hamlets’ culturalheadquarters…

In the coming time, continueto propagate, mobilize the cadres, members and farmers to be fully aware ofconstructing NRA to bring about practical benefits to farmers. For this reason,farmers play the focal role in constructing NRA, not relying on the State’sinvestment. The association will mobilize the farmers to actively respond tothe movement “ the entire nation joining hands to construct NRA”, firmlypreserving and enhancing the criteria of communes being acknowledge as meetingthe standard of NRAs; making efforts to have 100% of the inter-hamlet roadswith lights, making contributions to the entire Party, people to construct PhuHoa district into a new rural area before 2020.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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