Expectation of contributing to rural economy development
Updated : Tuesday, May 15, 2018 4:03 PM (GMT+0700)

Mr.Vuong Dinh Hue, Deputy Prime Minister cum Head of the Steering Committee fornational target programs, has just signed the Decision No. 490, approving toimplement the program of one commune-one product (OCOP) in the period of2018-2020 throughout the country. So, what is the overall objective of thisprogram and how is it implemented in Phu Yen province?

The traditional craft village of weaving rush mats in An Cu commune (Tuy An district)
is preserved and developed , which is the characteristic of the commune

Pursuant to the Decision490, OCOP is a the program of developing rural economy in the direction ofdeveloping internal and increasing value. It is also solution and task toimplement the national target program on new rural construction. The OCOPfocuses on developing agricultural and non-agricultural products andadvantaging services in each locality in value chain, implemented by privatesector (business, production household) and collective business.

The overall objective of theprogram is to develop production and business forms, with priority overdeveloping cooperatives, SMEs in order to produce traditional products and advantageousservices which are able to compete in domestic and international markets,contributing to developing rural economy.

The Government hascalculated the capital and mobilization structure to implement the program withthe estimated total budget of about 45,000 billion dongs. In particular, it ismainly source of social mobilization from enterprises, cooperatives,self-mobilized households, loans from credit institutions, investment funds, SMEs’development funds, cooperative development funds, donations from internationalorganizations, etc.

In Phu Yen, the OCOP programis implemented synchronously by departments, sectors and localities. In orderto restore and develop craft villages, since 2005, the province has implementedthe project of one village- one craft. So far, the province has recognized 17craft villages, attracting more than 5.000 rural laborers with revenue ofnearly 121 billion dongs. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development(DARD) organizes training on data investigation and survey, developing the OCOPprogram in the period of 2017-2020 and vision to 2030. Participants in thetraining are officials of departments, sectors and localities in the province.They are introduced experience of organizing movement of one commune- oneproduct in Japan, Thailand andsome localities in the country; cycle of implementing the program from productsregistration, identifying and developing OCOP products and services, buildingquality management system of OCOP products, promoting products, etc.

Mr. Dang Ngoc Anh, Chairmanof the People's Committee of Hoa Xuan Tay commune, Dong Hoa district, letsknown: With the local soil condition, the commune has not only one specificproduct but two products which are lotus seed and peanut. They are consumed notonly in the province, but also in many other provinces, creating jobs andraising incomes for people.

Mr. Nguyen Ly Nguyen, DARDDeputy Director, lets known: the OCOP program aims to support farmers to dobusiness. All supported products and services must have potential andadvantages of the locality and be registered, confirmed by the localities.

According to the DARD, PhuYen has currently more than 100 products of local strength, including 34 onesregistered for quality publication and 9 ones registered for intellectualproperty. "In order to implement the OCOP program synchronously incommunes in the coming time, the DARD is working with related agencies andlocalities to find out solutions and submit them to the PPC for considerationand approval for widespread implementation in the whole province", saidMr. Nguyen Ly Nguyen.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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