Commending, awarding 10 collectives and 25 individuals
Updated : Friday, February 09, 2018 4:32 PM (GMT+0700)

ThePPC has organized a conference on summing up, withdrawing experiences on thetasks of preparing and organizing the conference on promoting investment in PhuYen province in 2018.

PPC Chairman Hoang Van Tra commended and presented merit certificates to the
collectives with excellent achievements in the task of consulting, preparing and
organizing the conference on promoting investment in Phu Yen in 2018

Reporting at the conference, Director of the Department of Planning-investment, Mr. Le Tan Ho, let known:the conference on promoting investment in Phu Yen province 2018 (occurring onJanuary 19th) was successful, and receiving the direct, drastic and concretedirections of the Prime Minister on the contents related to the investmentattraction, developing the advantages and potentials of the province. Throughthe conference, the province received the instruction, contribution of thecentral sectors and ministries, experts, scientist; enterprises, domestic andoverseas investors related to attracting investment for socio-eco development.The conference also successfully advertised the land, people of Phu Yen, theprovince’s potentials…

Addressing to conclude atthe conference, PPC Chairman Hoang Van Tra acknowledged, commended the effortsof the units taking part in the successful organization; the conference washighly appreciated by the central sectors, experts, investors, enterprises,media and highly supported by the inhabitants. PPC chairman emphasized that inthe coming time, for the commitments made at the conference to come into life,there must be the solidarity, the consensus of the entire political system andthe people’s support; there must also be the allocation at each level, sectorfor the sake of the tasks’ quality and efficiency. Particularly concentratingon dealing with 3 “jam spots” in investment, i.e land, particularly the task ofsite clearance; preferential  regimes ofinvestment and tax privileges. PPC Chairman also requested the functionalauthorities to complete the draft Order of the standing board of the ProvincialParty Committee and the Action Plan of the PPC on implementing the achievementsof the Conference on promoting investment in Phu Yen in 2018 to soon issue andimplement in the coming time.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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