Attaching significant attention to developing high technology, clean and smart agriculture
Updated : Friday, January 05, 2018 4:50 PM (GMT+0700)

TheMinistry of agriculture-rural development has just chaired the tele-conferenceto sum up the year 2017 and implement the plans for the year 2018 of thesector.

Spectacle of the tele-conference at Phu Yen point

Reporting at the conference,Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong let known: in the year 2017, the agricultural sectorhas reached lots of significant results, namely GDP in the sector ofagriculture-forestry,   fisheries increase2.9%, the production value increases 3.16%. The localities have enhancedadjusting the restructuring production structure in the directions ofincreasing the value of production, expanding the consuming markets. In theyear 2017, the total export turn over reaches the highest ever since, with over36 billion USD, concentrating mainly on the commodities of vegetables, fruit,rubber, rice, shrimps, wooden and forestry products…Particularly, in the pastyear, the agricultural sector continues to renovate and enhance the efficiencyof operation within the producing organizations. So far, the entire country ahs33,500 farms, 11,688 agricultural cooperatives currently operating withefficiency. As for the program of national target of constructing new ruralareas, lots of positive results have been gained like the fact of 2,884communes and 43 districts being acknowledged having met the standards, onaverage, the entire country has 13.7 criteria met by each commune. Besides, inthe year 2017, the agricultural sector shows such limitations as: insynchronousagricultural restructuring among the localities; processing industry developstoo slowly; the situation of violating stipulations in food safety,deforestation, illegal fisheries exploiting occur widespread…

In 2018, the agriculturalsector proposes such concrete criteria for making efforts as the growth ratefrom 2.8% to 3%, export turnover is about 38 billion USD, 37% of the communesand 52 districts reach the new rural area standard; the proportion of forestcoverage reaches 41.6%. To reach this target, the agricultural sector has setsome focal solutions to  be implementedin the year 2018, which include: continuing to restructure and enhanceproduction, develop the consuming market, promoting sustainable economicdevelopment; developing rural areas with concentration of constructing newrural areas, upgrading the  agriculturalinfrastructure; renovating and developing the forms of production, trade;actively and positively integrating into the world…

Addressing to direct theconference, PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc commended the achievements gained by thesector of agriculture and rural development. Nevertheless, this is only thevery first positive ones, there remain certain entanglements that requireovercoming this year. In 2018, the agricultural sector has to create theclearer and more practical changes in restructuring the sector; simultaneouslyimplementing the growth rate of the agricultural sector at 3%, the total exportturnover of 40 billion USD. The P.M requested the agricultural sector and localitiesto care and deal with urgent issues in agriculture with high technology, cleanand smart agriculture. On the occasion of the coming Lunar New Year, the P.Mnoticed the significance of caring for the farmers’ joyful and cozy Tet days.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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