Cooperate to sustainably exploit hot mineral water sector in Phu Yen province
Updated : Friday, October 19, 2018 4:50 PM (GMT+0700)

InTuy Hoa city, PPC Vice Chairman, Mr. Phan Dinh Phung and Mr. Ori Casba, theHungarian Ambassador in Vietnam co-chaired an international scientific workshopentitled "Orientations for exploiting hot mineral water in Phu Yenprovince".

PPC Chairman, Mr. Pham Dai Duong (left), talking with experts and researchers about
hot mineral water in Hungary at the workshop

According to the Department ofNatural Resources and Environment, in the province, there have currently beenfive hot mineral water spots, three of which were surveyed by the French in theearly decades of the twentieth century, two of them have just been discovered.

Specifically, in Dong Xuandistrict, there are two hot mineral mines: Triem Duc and Tra O. In Tay Hoadistrict, there are two hot mineral springs: Lac Sanh and My Thanh. In Phu Hoadistrict is the hot mineral water point of Phu Sen. Among them are hot mineralspots with the temperature of water up to 70 degrees C, the physiologicalindicators within the limits, very clear and odorless water...

These are hot mineral waterspots with great potentials to exploit for tourism, disease treatment anddrinking. Currently, only Phu Sen hot mineral water point has been licensed bythe Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment with an area of ​​about 40 hectares to exploit,the total flow of about 100m3 / day and the remaining hot mineral water remainsis still wild and not invested to exploit.

At the workshop, some agenciesof the other province shared their experience and policies on attractinginvestment, the efficient exploitation in hot mineral water resources and theinvestment in tourism and resorts at the hot mineral water sites.

Also at the workshop,Hungarian experts and researchers in hot mineral water field analyzed thepotential for economic and tourism development from hot springs; and application of hot mineralwater to treat diseases...

 Mr Ori Casba, Ambassadorof Hungary in Vietnam,let known: "We will support Phu Yen province to develop the advantages ofhot mineral springs to improve people's lives, develop tourism and types ofhealing from natural hot mineral resources.

In the near future, theHungarian Embassy in Vietnam will direct some localities in Hungary with thesame natural conditions as Phu Yen to carry out cohesive, twinning and cooperativeactivities, support and share experiences in planning, efficiently exploitingthe natural hot mineral water.

Addressing at the seminar, PPCChairman ,Mr. Pham Dai Duong, highly appreciated the coordination of theworkshop by the Hungarian Embassy in Vietnam as well as the participation ofexperts and researchers in the field of hot mineral water in Hungary and localscientists and researchers and organizations, units, associations, scientistsfrom the other provinces and cities.

Phu Yen province is veryinterested and receive the experience shared by experts and scientists whospoke at the seminar on such issues as planning, investment attraction,sustainable exploitation of hot mineral water resources together with tourism.

After the workshop, Phu Yenprovince hopes that Hungarian scientists and investors and those in the countrywill continue to discuss and cooperate to invest in exploiting the hot mineralwater source efficiently and sustainably.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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