The Minister of Traffic and transportation, Mr. Nguyen Van The: Attaching priorities to eradicating traffic black spots.
Updated : Thursday, October 11, 2018 7:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Thedelegation task of the Central Government, led by Mr. Nguyen Van The, Minister ofTraffic and transportation, has just held a working session with provincialleaders on the situation of developing traffic infrastructure, ensuring trafficsafety.

Spectacle of the working session

According to the PPC, thetraffic system in the province has been gradually invested with numerous worksbeing implemented,  namely the project oftunnel past Cu Mong pass, the project of Da Rang bridge and Song Chua bridge.The system of provincial road has been invested to complete with lots of focalprojects as : the route connecting the two provinces of Phu Yen and Gia Lai,Dinh Ong bridge, the traffic joint of different level of route numbered 2 of South Tuy Hoa Urban area-Nguyen Van Linh…

Rural traffic in the provincehas been given priorities for investment with the program of concreting ruraltraffic roads in mountainous communes, in the period of 2016-2020. When itcomes to traffic safety, during 9 months of 2018, there have been 145 casescausing 79 deaths, 130 injuries ( a reduction of 19 cases, i.e 11.6%, deathtoll reduced 14 cases equivalent to 15.1%, an increase of 5 injuries (an increaseof 4%) against the same period of 2017.

At the working session, thePPC proposed the Ministry of Traffic and Transportation use all of the capitalsource of nearly 500 billion dongs assigned for the project of investing inconstructing Da Rang and Song Chua bridge to construct one more new item ofbridge Song Chua to replace the old existing one; proposing the Government toconsider investing one more bridge to replace the degrading Da Rang Bridge.

The province has alsoproposed the Ministry to soon invest the main and essential routes of thenational avenue 25 past the province, arranging expenditure to supportinvestment into completing the project of traffic joint of different level pastthe North-South Railroad, the traffic joint of different level of Hung Vuongbridge-National avenue 1. As for aviation, the province proposed the Ministryof traffic and transportation to soon invest and complete infrastructure aswell as related procedures to launch the international back-and-forth flightsthis November.

 Addressing at theworking session, comrade Huynh Tan Viet proposed the Ministry of traffic andtransportation to allow the mechanism of executing 2.7km of the national avenue25 past Tuy Hoa city to soon complete and timely commemorate the anniversary ofre-establishing the province.

Minister Nguyen Van The letknown that the Ministry of traffic and transportation would accompany theprovince in developing the system traffic infrastructure. The Ministry wouldcreate all of the best conditions for Phu Yen to concentrate on eradicatingtraffic accidents black spots along the national avenues, the joining pointsbetween the railroad and mainland.

As for the proposal ofconstructing one new bridge to replace the old Da Rang bridge, Minister NguyenVan The proposed the province to work with related ministries and sectors toadjust the scheme and make it compatible with the overall scheme. As for TuyHoa aviation port, the Ministry will create favorable conditions to launch theinternational flights this November…

 Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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