The necessity to change for international economic integration and industrial revolution 4.0
Updated : Friday, August 17, 2018 10:37 AM (GMT+0700)

Facingwith free trade agreements (FTAs), sectors, localities, businesses need tochange their thinking and how to do it to integrate into the internationaleconomy and the industrial revolution 4.0. Dr. Le Dang Doanh, a member of theUnited Nations Development Policy Committee, former head of the CentralInstitute for Economic Management, stressed this in a recent meeting withleaders of the State agencies and businesses in Phu Yen province.

Manufacturing garment for export at An Hung JSC

In the talk with Phu Yen Newspaper on some contentsrelated to the international economic integration and industrial revolution4.0, Dr. Le Dang Doanh let known:

- In the present andsubsequent years, the Government policy is to improve the effectiveness offoreign affairs and international integration in many fields, and continue tobring a deep cooperation with other countries. Vietnam fulfills itsinternational commitments, new generation FTAs ​​in a comprehensive plan with areasonable roadmap in line with the national interests.

With regard to internationaleconomic integration, so far, Vietnam has participated in 17 FTAs; inparticular, 10 FTAs ​​have been signed and operated, 2 FTAs ​​have been signedand awaiting ratification, 2 FTAs ​​have been negotiated, 3 FTAs ​​have beenbeing negotiated with 15 countries under 6 regional FTAs ​​of ASEAN with manydifferent commitments on trade, services and investment.

Vietnam has reservedresources and priorities for implementing FTAs, assisting stakeholders in theeffective exploitation of FTAs ​​in the areas under their charge; and simplifyingprocedures and process, facilitating business operations and good export. Ourcountry is very much expected to implementing the Asia-Pacific Free TradeAgreement (CPTPP), which has 11 member countries, except the United States.

* The 4.0 Industrial Revolutionhas developed, what are the current solutions and policies of the Government,sir?

- Industrial Revolution 4.0 hashad a profound impact, whose center is businesses and every human beingconnected. Technology 4.0 will facilitate greater integration into Vietnam. Wecan access all over the internet but on a strictly regulated basis. Therefore,we have to invest in human resources and technological-scientific innovation,which is also the reason why the Vietnam Government decided to establishe-government and Government agencies have been also strongly promoting thisissue.

To reach out and grasp the4.0 industrial revolution trend, all sectors must strive to avoid any likely troublesomeprocedures for businesses; however, businesses must link technology, set uptheir own network to do all their procedures through the online environment.The Government has been actively supporting enterprises to participate moredeeply in regional value chains; take the initiative in studying and applyingnon-tariff measures such as technical barriers and trade remedies in order toprotect the legitimate interests of branches and enterprises against thecompetition of foreign goods. Ministries and sectors also intensify innovation,diversify trade promotion activities, update market information, expand channelsof distribution and selling goods; particularly, it focuses on current andpotential FTA partners that have a positive impact on Vietnamese trade.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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