Creating all favorable conditions to support the enterprises to produce and trade
Updated : Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:53 PM (GMT+0700)

Inthe past year, for being active and making all possible efforts, lots ofenterprises and individuals have produced and trade in a very efficient way,which has made considerable contributions to the state budget; Furthermore, thetax sector, the PPC commend and award these enterprises and individuals. Asrelated to this issue, Phu Yen Newspaperhas the interview with comrade Nguyen Chi Hien, Commissioner of the StandingBoard of the Provincial Party Committee, Standing PPC vice chairman.

Tax cadres giving instructions to the enterprises to claim and pay electronic tax

* How do you evaluate thesituation of those contributing to tax towards the province’s socio-eco development?

- Phu Yen province’ssocio-eco frequently has the close relationship with the situation ofproducing, trading of every organization, individual doing business in theprovince. Among which, the tax payers play a really meaningful and significantrole, helping increase the state budget, making contributions to promoting thelocality’s socio-eco development, also does this create more job opportunitiesto the inhabitants, stabilize life and social security.

In 2017, the province’ssocio-eco situation has not shown positive shifts but there are generallynumerous difficulties and challenges. The economic sector’s producing andtrading activities have not shown clear developments. Few enterprises have madeconsiderable breakthroughs, others remain operating at modest level; besides,some enterprises face loss and financial difficulties. Nevertheless, with beingactive and effort-making spirit and actions, lots of enterprises have remainedtrading, arranging markets, seeking out for their products’ consumptionchannels, improving the competitiveness, overcoming difficulties, makingconsiderable contributions to the state budget. Thanks to this, to the end of2017, the entire province has collected the state budget of 3,810.7 billiondongs, reaching 100.1% of the estimated figure assigned by the provincialpeople’s council’ among which the enterprises and trading households havecontributed 1,620 billion dongs.

* This year, which solutionshas Phu Yen implemented to support the enterprises that produce and trade tocreate the revenue sources for the state budget in the province, sir?

- Implementing theResolution 19-2018/NQ-CP dated 15/5/2018 of the Government on continuing toimplement the main tasks and solutions to improve the trading environment,enhancing the national competitive competence in the year 2018 and thefollowing years, the PPC has directed the departments, units, offices andlocalities to concentrate on removing the difficulties, creating the open andhealthy investment environments to ensure all enterprises belonging to theeconomic sectors operating under market mechanism, with the rights to dobusiness in the sectors stipulated by law. The PPC has also directed theconstruction of the government acting, creating, serving the efficient,disciplined operation and development; enhancing the awareness, responsibility,renovating the working manner and the culture of behaving by the cadres, civilservants in implementing the public tasks, well serving the inhabitants and thebusiness community; improving and enhancing the PCI, PAPI, PAR Index, contributingto accelerating the province’s rate of socio-eco development.

The PPC requested thedepartments, sectors and localities to concentrate on enhancing the awarenessof the roles, positions and the significance of the enterprise communities;through which to raise concrete policies and programs to support theenterprises’ development, provoking the start-up spirits, making efforts toshow the drastic increase in both quantity and quality, the enterprises’ andentrepreneurs’ competing competence in the province. Simultaneously continuingto enhance the administrative reforms, improving the trade startingindex…creating all favorable conditions to support the enterprises to produce,trade in an efficient way.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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