Efforts are made to disburse the plan for public investment capital in the year 2018
Updated : Thursday, May 24, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

On May 22nd,the delegation task of the Ministry of planning-investment led by DeputyMinister Nguyen Van Hieu had the working session with the PPC on the situationof implementing and disbursing the plan for public investment in 2018.

Deputy Minister of planning-investment, Mr. Nguyen Van Hien, listening to the report
on the rate of progress of implementing the project on preventing erosion at Xom Ro
coastal region

Accordingto the PPC, in 2018, the total capital plan assigned by the central governmentof over 1,429 billion dongs, urging to accelerate the rate of progress forimplementing the basic construction works; well disbursing the capital sourcesarranged in the plan; timely dealing with the difficulties, entanglements,creating favorable conditions for the investors to speed up the major works inthe province. Up to the end of April 2018, it is estimated that the implementedvolume will have been 432 billion dongs, the disbursement value of over 358.5billion dongs, equivalent to 25% of the capital plan. From now to the end ofthe year, the province requests the departments, sectors, localities and maininvestors to use the public investment capital to implement the drastic andsimultaneous solutions to make efforts to completely disburse the publicinvestment capital for 2018 belonging to all of the capital sources, makingcontributions to implementing the targets of developing the province’s economyand society.

Atthe working session, leaders of the province’s departments and sectors raisedsome difficulties and entanglements leading to the lateness of publicinvestment projects, affecting the overall rate of progress of disbursement ofthe capital sources. The PPC standing vice chairman, Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien paysattention to consider, supplement the 5-year capital plan for 2016-2020 of thecapital sources of the target programs to implement the projects in the judgedand approved capital sources (about 2.130 billion dongs), allocating theback-up capital sources of 10% (331 billion dongs) and other back-up sources tocreate conditions for the province to have more sources

Afterlistening to the ideas of the members in the delegation task, concluding theworking session, comrade Nguyen Van Hieu acknowledged the efforts by theprovince in implementing and disbursing the plan for investing public capitalin 2018. The deputy minister ofplanning-investment agreed that despite the fact that the value ofoverall disbursement of capital plan, the rate of progress of public investmentcapital in 2018. The Deputy Minister thought that although the value ofdisbursement reached 25%, the rate of progress in concrete was low,particularly the capital source of the central government, and this requestedthe province to reconsider this issue. As for the difficulties andentanglements of Phu Yen, the Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Hieu acknowledged andlet known that he would make proposals to make changes to the incompatibleregulations, to create favorable conditions for the province during the processof implementing the projects.

Afterthe working session, the delegation task of the Ministry of Planning-Investmenthad the practical trip to the project of preventing erosion at Xom Ro coastalregion (Phu Dong ward, Tuy Hoa city) and listened to the director of theprovincial management board of the investment projects of construction, Mr. CaoDinh Huy, report on the rate of progress for implementing this Project.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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