Trade counsellors must proactively support domestic firms: PM
Updated : Thursday, February 08, 2018 9:50 AM (GMT+0700)

PrimeMinister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged trade counsellors to proactively assistdomestic businesses by providing information about foreign markets, promotingtrade and investment activities, and increasing sale of Vietnamese productsabroad.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc addresses at the Commerical Counsellors Conference
in Hanoi – Photo: VNA

He made the request at theCommercial Counsellors Conference in Hanoi on February 7, which saw thepresence of Vietnamese counsellors at 57 Trade Offices and seven of theirbranches abroad along with representatives from ministries and enterprises.

The country’s import-exportturnover reached 425 billion USD in 2017, a positive outcome which wassignificantly contributed by the Vietnamese Trade Offices abroad, the PM said,adding that Vietnam has 21 products with over one-billion-USD export turnoverand many others worth tens of billions of USD.

The Government is settingmajor export turnover targets for key commodities such as rice, shrimp,medicine, vegetables and fruits; hence, it wants to hear proposals of tradecounsellors to promote the export of products, Phuc said.

Highlighting market seekingas a difficulty, he said “If we could find good markets accepting Vietnamesegoods and the two sides share mutual benefits, domestic businesses are able toexpand production”.

The Trade Offices will playa crucial role in finding new markets for exports, he added.

The PM asked the Ministry ofIndustry and Trade to give timely rewards to Trade Offices and commercialcounsellors who actively contribute to promoting exports of staples such asshrimp, mango, dragon fruit, lychee, star apple, longan and chicken to theAsian market.

In the current stage ofsocio-economic development, economic diplomacy needs due attention so the TradeOffices must have an important role in Vietnamese embassies abroad.

He requested tradecounsellors to do their utmost to help realise the country’s trade turnover of500 billion USD in 2018.

The counsellors should takethe success of businesses as measurement of their operational efficiency.

According to the Ministry ofIndustry and Trade, the Trade Offices abroad carried out over 500 tradepromotion activities in 2016-2017 to help domestic and foreign companies updateregulations on import-export and trade connectivity.

They also actively workedwith the Department of Trade Defence under the Ministry of Industry and Tradeto deal with trade defence measures such as anti-dumping and anti-subsidyapplied by countries importing Vietnamese goods. 

The Trade Offices providedinformation and handled 12 anti-dumping cases in 2016 and 13 others in 2017.


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