Agricultural sector asked to better meet market demands
Updated : Wednesday, June 06, 2018 2:40 PM (GMT+0700)

TheVietnamese agricultural sector should find out a right way of approach,consider market as the target and market standards as quality measurement tohelp agricultural products better meet both domestic and international marketrequirements.

Consumers buy Vietnam's dragon fruits at a market in Sydney - Source: VNA

The suggestion was made byMinister, Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung at a Vietnam EconomicForum discussing solutions to develop trading of Vietnamese farm produce inHanoi on June 5.

Vietnam has high potentialto develop its agriculture sector as the country has exported to 180 marketsworldwide, including many choosy markets. Export turnover of agriculturalproducts is expected to exceed 40 billion USD this year.

Experts to the forum agreedthat new technologies are key to advancing the agriculture sector in Vietnam,as they can boost products’ value to make them more competitive on the globalmarket.

The application oftechnologies in the sector is needed as the market has shown rising demand forclean products with traceable origins.

According to Terry Chan,Chairman of Hong Kong E-commerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC), blockchaintechnologies should be deployed as much as possible in agriculture to connectVietnamese products to the world market.

As e-commerce is developingrapidly and new trading platforms are used across the world, agriculturaloutputs must meet customers’ demands and ensure the quality of the wholeproduction chain, he said.

The Vietnamese agriculturalsector is trying to integrate into the world’s market, but it has encounteredsome challenges regarding product quality, supply chains and transparency ofthe product, Chan said.

The sector should proposethe Government allow advanced technologies to be applied to resolve existingissues and make safe, high-quality, standardised and traceable products, saidVu Truong Ca, chairman of the management board of Lina Network.

Though the government hasbeen giving strong support to the agriculture sector and has issued policies tohelp farmers, the sector has yet to meet the market requirements, he said.

Blockchain technology isstrong enough to change the world in the future. It is currently in the earlystages, similar to the internet 25 years ago, so Vietnam is capable ofexploiting this technology and applying it in the agriculture sector, Castated.

According to him, Vietnamhas big advantages in mathematics and technology, proven by its high rankingsin international math competitions. As the whole world has the same startingpoint in this technology, Vietnam could take the lead.

Dao Ngoc Chien, DeputyDirector of the High Technology Department under the Ministry of Science andTechnology, said that the ministry will accompany businesses in this issue.

He said his department isdrafting a development plan and submitting it to the ministry this month. Thedraft plan contains four topics: evaluation of the fourth industrial revolutionand its impacts in some key sectors, and key technological applications foreconomic industries.

Dairy maker TH Group is atypical example of successfully using high-tech applications in businesses,said Vo Van Quang, Deputy General Director of the Bac A Joint Stock CommercialBank.

He said that the bank in2009 started funding dairy maker TH Group to develop cattle farms. However, THGroup was able to apply Israeli technologies for cattle raising, from grassdevelopment to attaching chips to cows to keep track of cattle’s health andproductivity. Thus the dairy producer’s outputs meet standards in domestic andoverseas markets.

To develop farm produceproduction, Minister Mai Tien Dung stressed the need to solve land-relatedissues.

Farmers should let out theiragricultural land to businesses in order to facilitate labour restructuring andthe application of technologies in production in rural areas, he suggested.

According to him, PrimeMinister Nguyen Xuan Phuc will chair a national conference on hi-techagriculture and land accumulation in late June.


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