The national program “each commune, each product”: The need of cooperation and coordination from many sectors
Updated : Sunday, April 08, 2018 10:37 AM (GMT+0700)

Thescheme of national program of each commune with product (OCOP) has beeneffortedly implemented by the department of agriculture-rural development,sectors and localities in a synchronous way. However, for the program to befeasible and efficient, the units need to take sustainable solutions, withreference to financial issues, supportive policies, propagation and humanresources….

 Rattan mats, the products of the traditional craft village in An Cu commune, Tuy An district

For ages, almost eachlocality in the province has got a typical product as cashew nuts, non-burntbricks, rice paper, fish sauce, brooms, .., which are produced, processed withsmall scale or I rural craft village. Therefore, machines, equipment are stillbackwards, the products have not been able to be popular to users and otherproducts face with difficulties… 

In order to restore andrecover the craft villages and promote the province’s rural sectors in asustainable way, during the period of 2005-2016, Phu Yen implemented the schemeof reaching village each craft. Accordingly, the province approved the schemeof developing rural sectors and acknowledging 17 craft villages all over theprovince, attracting 5,431 rural laborers to take part in, the revenue of thesecraft villages is nearly 121 billion dongs.

For the province’s strongproducts to obtain conditions for developing and increasing value, inconnection with restructuring agriculture and contributing to implementing theprogram of national target of developing new rural areas, the department ofagriculture and rural development has constructed OCOP in the province.

Mr. Nguyen Ly Nguyen, Vice directorof the Department of Agriculture-Rural Development, lets known: OCOP willsupport farmers with ways of doing business, cooperatives in connection withthe program of new rural areas, SMEs. The program also attaches priorities todeveloping 6 groups of products, services including food products, beverages,medicinal products, garment, souvenirs-furniture-decoration and services in thetourism of rural areas, selling products. All of the products and services thatreceive support must be the potentials and advantages of the localities ad tobe registered, certified by the localities.

The program beingimplemented will synchronously impact the human resource development,increasing the productivity, developing culture, the values, strengths of thatlocality; through which to develop rural areas in the direction of beingoverall, sustainable; contributing to the efficient implementation of thecriterion group “economy and forms of organizing production” in the Nationalset of criteria on constructing new rural areas”. Currently, the department ofagriculture and rural development has completed the legal procedures to layfoundations for the implementation and joining hands with the localities tosurvey into the practical producing situations of the households producing,trading ad the cooperatives, enterprises in the province.

So far, the localities haveassessed and recommended the strong points to the department. Most districts,towns and city do expect the OCOP to be soon implemented in Phu Yen. Accordingto Mr. Pham Trung Chanh, vice chairman of Dong Xuan district’s people’scommittee, this locality has lots of particular products. For a long time, thedistrict has created favorable conditions to support the inhabitants to developsome production models. However, to help the local products to develop in astable way, create jobs, income for the inhabitants, OCOP need soon implementing.The district will enhance propagating to crate the great consensus among theinhabitants, as such, OCOP will soon be implemented. The district is alsocoordinating with functional authorities to enhance instructing theinhabitants’ participation.

According to Mr. Ly CongNguyen, during this year, the functional authorities, localities conductchoosing and propagating for the community to know about OCOP,  instructing the communes to instruct thecommunes to construct the models of constructing policies, websites, logos forthe program of OCOP of Phu Yen, establishing the consulting system, supportingthe localities to implement. Also, the department will cooperate with therelated offices to provide vocational training to farmers to produce goodquality products; supporting the construction and development of brand namesfor the craft villages and their products as well.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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