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Thatis the common idea raised by most delegates attending the Conference onconsulting the action plan for implementing the sustainable development targets(SD) in Vietnam to the year 2030 by Phu Yen province. The conference wasrecently co-organized by the provincial SD directing board and Germaninternational cooperation board (GIZ), with the participation of leaders ofdepartments, boards, collectives and provinces all over the province.

The delegates raising ideas to complete the plan

At the conference, Mrs.Nguyen Thi Kim Dung, the consulting expert of the Ministry ofPlanning-Investment, let known: in September 2015, the United Nations announcedthe agenda 2030 for the global SD with 17 general targets and 169 concretetargets; among these, the focal message is “not letting anyone behind” and“getting access to the most difficult to get access ones”.  

In Vietnam, the nationalaction plan for implementing this agenda consists of 17 general targets and 115concrete targets, issued by the Prime Minister at Decision numbered 622/QĐ-TTg datedMay 10th, 2017. As for Phu Yen, after double checking the practical situationsof constructing and implementing the main framework of the SD policy in theprovince in the past time, simultaneously relating to the SD targets within thenational target action plan, the compiling panel has constructed action plan inPhu Yen; among which, the practical conditions are referred to, the competenceand priorities of the province in each concrete development period.

Accordingly, the Action planfor implementing Vietnam’s  SD targets tothe year 2020 of Phu Yen (shortened as plan) consists of the overall targets of“ensuring rapid and sustainable economic development and protecting the ecologicalenvironment, managing and efficiently using the natural resources activelycoping with climate change; ensuring all inhabitants to develop all potentials,taking part in as well as equally enjoying the achievements of thatdevelopment.

Efforts are made to assistPhu Yen to reach the development level either equal or higher than the entirenation’s average development level, and this comprises the targets in society,economy, environment, equality-justice and integration.

As related to planimplementation, Mr. Le Van Thung, chairman of Phu Yen association of naturaland environmental protection, lets known, one major plan like the Action Planfor implementing Vietnam SD to the year 2030 of the province do require theanti-judge of the experts, researchers and scientific and occupational organizationsfor the sake of perfection.

According to Mr. Nguyen VanSu, deputy head of the provincial Party committee’s propagation division, afterissuing the plan, the province has to propagate to the cadres, Party membersand every inhabitant to take advantage of the great consensus and support;simultaneously preparing sources to ensure the solid financial sources forcarrying out.

“This is the major plan,therefore, during the process of implementation, it is impossible tointermingle with other national target programs, the concrete movements in the locality.Besides, it is necessary to enhance the roles of leadership, direction by theParty in plan implementation; the compulsory targets to cling to plans forimplementing the Central 6 Resolution that the Provincial Party Committee isissuing for the consensus for implementation”, Mr. Su said.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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