Contribute to improving the traffic in mountainous areas
Updated : Wednesday, March 07, 2018 2:05 PM (GMT+0700)

Since2013, the Provincial People's Council issued Resolution 75 and Resolution 60 onrural traffic concretization. As a result, mountainous areas are built withinter-field roads and routes leading to the production area, which has createdthe positive support for regional economic development.

Thanks to the investment, the roads to the mountainous areas have been concretized,
creating a new appearance for this area

Resolution 75 by thePeople's Council on rural concretization project in Phu Yen province in the2013-2015 period has helped mountainous areas to complete more than 200km ofrural roads. Mr. Pham Ngoc Cong, Head of the Provincial Ethnic MinoritiesCommittee, let known: In mountainous areas, especially those inhabited byethnic minorities, there are often bumpy roads so the cost for making roads ishigh. In addition, the ability to mobilize contributions from the people isvery limited because of mainly poor households here. Therefore, in the processof implementation, for the mountainous and ethnic minority areas, the provincehas specific support regimes. For example, the communes in Region III aresupported with VND 80 million / km, the communes in Region II with VND 65million / km and those in Region I with VND 50 million / km. Thanks to that,after 3 years of implementation, mountainous areas have completed with morethan 200km of rural roads. In particular, Dong Xuan district has completed 81kmover 320 lines, Son Hoa district with 39km over 116 routes and Song Hinhdistrict with 76km over 143 routes.

From this initial result,mountainous areas continue to be the focus areas for rural road construction.According to the Department of Traffic and Transportation, after 2015, comparedto the lowland communes, the rate of rural transport the mountainous areas islow with nearly 300km of the total 450km roads of the province has notcompleted as registered. The unfinished routes mainly go through low populationareas, complex terrain with high investment costs. Though, the Department of Trafficand Transportation has made plans to concretize rural transport for the 2016-2020period with more than 1,000km. In particular, the policy of halting investmentin alley lanes in delta communes to prioritize mountainous communes, especiallycommunes in disadvantaged areas.

In Phu Thinh village, SonThanh Dong commune (Tay Hoa district), most of the roads in the village havebeen concretized. Concretized roads are installed with electricity, which createsa spacious, clean new countryside. According to Mrs. Le Thi Hong Hoa, Head ofPhu Thinh village, when Resolution 75 by the Provincial People's Council cameinto being, Phu Thinh village was supported with cement and fund to complete4.5km of roads, accounting for over 95% of the total road length in the wholevillage.

According to the ProvincialEthnic Minorities Committee, the rural mountainous transport infrastructure isof great significance in terms of supporting economic development in theregion. Transportation not only supports production but also promotes trade andmarket expansion for agricultural products to be consumed in other regions. Inmountainous areas with special difficulties in terms of topography, weatherconditions and low living standards, it is difficult to complete thetransportation routes; without support from the policy, completing rural roadshere may be impossible. Resolution 75 and Resolution 60 by the ProvincialPeople's Council is important in supporting this area to complete ruraltransport infrastructure.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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