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Updated : Monday, December 03, 2018 10:31 AM (GMT+0700)

Since the beginning of the year, the support for production development in mountainous areas has been concernedfor investment. With capital of new rural construction (NRC), localities have developed numerous production models with participation of hundreds of households. Thereby, diversifying animals and plants, expanding agricultural supply and increasing people’s income.

With the support in rice seeds, ethnic minorities have gradually replaced upland rice with
high-yield hybrid rice

In KrongPa commune (Son Hoa district), itis not difficult to see large golden fields of hybrid riceinstead of upland rice which depends on natural  water. This isresult of implementing hybrid rice demonstration models in numerous years of local government. According to Mr. Le Van Dieu, Chairman of the People'sCommittee of Krong Pa commune, thanks to capital supportfor production development,208 households in the commune are providedfor rice seeds to sowon an area of ​​40ha. Throughthis support, in addition to reduce input costs for farmers, the biggest goal of the commune isto introduce new varieties into the field, forming habit of using sowed rice in reproduction instead ofcommodity rice which hasdegenerated genes and decreases in qualityand yield.

Also, in Song Hinh district, numerous production models have beenimplemented in the communes of Ea Ly,Ea Lam, Ea Ba, Duc Binh Dong, Duc Binh Tay and Song Hinh. Accordingly, hundredsof households are supported rice seeds, clean vegetables, fruit trees, auri trees, aquaculture... Mr. Nguyen KhacSu, Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Division of Song Hinh district, lets known: Previously, the unit succeeded in bringing hybridrice to mountainous areas. Now, it is continuing to improveproduction techniques for local people in the direction of using proto-typal and certified varieties instead of commodity rice; simultaneously, reducing the quantityof sowed rice from 2quintals per hectare to from 1 to 1,1 quintals per hectare. The unit has taken pilots in 4 communes of Son Giang, Ea Ly, Duc Binh Dong and Duc Binh Tay to scale up production techniques in allcommunes in the district.

6 households participating in growing asparagus in Ea Ly commune (SongHinh district) spent over 145million dongs on improving soil, developing irrigation water system and hiring labors... According to the People's Committee of Ea Ly commune, thismodel is implemented with the total capital of more than 234 million dongs, in which support capital of NRC and budgets of localities and enterprises accounts for only 38%.

At present, Song Hinh district has implemented 7 modelsto support production development; 6 out ofthem have reciprocal capital of people. Mr. Nguyen Khac Su, Headof Agriculture and Rural Development Division of Song Hinh district, lets known: In the district, the total capital to supportproduction development under the NRC programin 2018 is over 2,1 billion dongs in which people’s capital is over 1,5 billion dongs, accounting for over 71%. This shows thatpeople do not rely completely on state budgetbut are willing to contribute capital to make effective production models.

According to the provincialCoordination Office of NRC, the total support capital for production under the NRC national target program in 2018 in the 3 districts of Son Hoa, Song Hinh and DongXuan is morethan 5.8billion dongs, in which people’s capital of more than 3,5 billion is main and the rest is from the central and localbudget. The districts have developed 28 production models with support in plant and animal varieties withthe aim of transferring advanced production techniques and introducing newvarieties to replace the habit of reusing old variety sources. In the coming time,localities should acceleratecompleting models and continue to make plans of scaling up production with effectivemodels.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by KHUONG THAO

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