Efforts to avoid the yellow card for Vietnamese seafood
Updated : Friday, September 21, 2018 8:00 AM (GMT+0700)

Raisingfishermen’s awareness and self-compliance with the law in business andstrengthening inspection and supervision of state management agencies aresolutions implemented actively by Phu Yen Border Guard and other functionalbranches in order to build a responsible and sustainable fishery, makingVietnamese seafood get rid out of the yellow card of the European Commission(EC).

Phu Yen fishermen transfering fish from boats to port for processing and exporting

The Border Guard Station ofTuy Hoa city (Phu Yen Border Guard) has recently held a law dissemination meetingat fishing villageof Phu Dong ward, Tuy Hoacity in order to prevent fishermen from catching seafood illegally in foreignsea, which attracts special attention of people. Along with disseminating legalknowledge, the meeting discussed the outstanding issue that the EC issued theyellow card to warn Vietnamese seafood export.

Fisherman Tran Huu Phuc, ownerof the fishing boat No. PY92070TS lets known: "For a long time, fishermenare not only interested in issues related to the law of sea but also have“fifty- fifty” mind, just think about how to have fish although authorities andofficials of the Border Guard propagate and advise them.

Attending this meeting andlistening to officials of the Border Guard analyzing the problem of Vietnamfishery yellow card, we understand that the risk from illegal seafood exploitationis close and will directly affect our lives. If we continue to do businessregardless of law, we will “break our own cooker”.

Major Tran Quoc Viet, apolitical officer of Tuy Hoa Border Guard Station, lets known: Phu Yen is thecradle of ocean tuna fishing, especially Tuy Hoa city. After more than 20 yearsof this job, lives of fishermen here have grown tremendously. At present, thereare more than 600 boats and nearly 5.000 fishermen who regularly go fishingoffshore.

In the process of fishing exploitation,fishermen tend to follow fish schools, then going to foreign sea incidentally.In some cases, they have “fifty-fifty” minds and want to get profit, henceviolating the law. Therefore, preventing fishermen from catching fish illegallyin the foreign sea is one of the issues that the provincial Border Guard ingeneral and Tuy Hoa Border Guard have concerned for a long time.

Colonel Huynh Van Dinh also letsknown that one of requirements of managing fishing boats of modern fisheries isthe device that automatically updates the fishing journey of fishermen.However, like numerous other localities, Phu Yen has only 100 fishing boatsequipped with Movimar device which can do this function. In addition, radio devicesof fishermen in fishing boats are only used for texting and conversation butcan not control the fishing journey if fishermen do not actively communicate.

From the actual mission inthe locality, Lieutenant Pham Van Huan, Head of Da Rang Border Control Station (underTuy Hoa Border Station), lets known that before a sea journey, when fisherman issuethe journey notebook, officials of the station always  propagate, remind and require them to writecommitment of not fishing illegally in the foreign sea. "We also talkabout punishment forms and levels and emphasize that the state managementagencies will not grant permits of fishing or building new boats to violated boatowners”.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby KHUONG THAO

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