Continue to complete the technical infrastructure of Tuy Hoa city
Updated : Monday, July 10, 2017 9:00 AM (GMT+0700)

In the past time, Tuy Hoa city has built and upgraded numerous transportation infrastructure facilities, making its appearance more and more spacious and cleaner, worthy of civilized and modern urban step by step.

Tuy Hoa city investing in upgrading Phan Luu Thanh street

According to the People's Committee of Tuy Hoa city, in the past time, this locality has invested in building and renovating many roads in urban areas. So far, Tuy Hoa city has dozens of traffic routes with new appearance. Chairman of Tuy Hoa city People's Committee Vo Ngoc Kha lets known: the locality has repaired and upgraded 21 inner-city roads with the total length of over 7,5 km and cost of about 26 billion dongs, helping people travel more convenient, contributing to developing economy and reducing traffic accidents. The city is also upgrading 11 other roads with the total length of about 4.2 km. In addition, Tuy Hoa city has  made investment procedures to upgrade and renovate 19 roads in the city, aiming to eliminate completely stone roads in urban areas. 

Tuy Hoa city does not only upgrade transport infrastructure but also takes interest in building public works, technical infrastructure in order to make residential area closed and help the city’s appearance increasingly renovated. At the location of the old People's Theater (on Le Trung Kien and Le Loi streets), this locality has invested nearly 10 billion dongs to build a park with an area of ​​nearly 4,500 m2 and lots of grass and trees, making green “lung” for the west of ​​the city. This is also a new place for people in this area to have fun and activities. Mrs. Trinh Thi Cam Hong in ward 2 lets known: previously, the People's Theater area was a place where many young people gathered and drunk all night. Simultaneously, the theater degraded after long time of use, old fence causes loss of urban aesthetics. Now, the state has built a new park, helping to reduce society’s vices and create place for people to do exercise, children to play, making the city more green and spacious.

Tuy Hoa city has also focused on improving internal road system, electricity, public lighting and resettlement plots to make closed residential areas on Nguyen Trung Truc street (ward 8) and Nguyen Van Linh street (Phu Lam ward). At the same time, many new resettlement sites has been invested, including Tho Vuc resettlement area (Hoa Kien commune) and resettlement areas of ​​Phu Dong ward and ​​ward 9 to relocate households affected by tides, landslides and pollution, helping them settle down. In addition, with many sources of capital, the city has invested in building some works such as Bo river embankment (Binh Ngoc commune), lighting system on National Highway 1 (the part from the north of the city to Tho Vuc cemetery), art lighting on main roads of the city...

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by KHUONG THAO

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