Ensuring the safety of information and communication during the stormy and rainy season
Updated : Friday, October 05, 2018 9:03 AM (GMT+0700)

Inorder to timely implement the measures to protect people, machines, equipmentand the telecommunication works, ensuring the information and communicationduring this year’s rainy and stormy season, the units of postal services,communication in the province have been ready with the solutions of preventing,combating, coping with every situation likely to occur. Simultaneously, theseunits have been actively checking, solidifying the stations, antenna posts… forthe sake of minimized damage.

Workers of one service provide is dealing with Telecommunication system in Tuy Hoa city

So far, most enterpriseshave completed maintaining and repairing the BTS stations or the open-spacepoles for the works to be safe. The service providers of  Mobifone,Vietnamobile, Gmobile… have established solutions to maintain BTS stations;checking, repairing the  cable ladders ofthe stations, the antenna poles…The units have also attached priorities to thecoastal stations and the regions easily occurring floods and maintain the cableroutes, the system of transferring; consolidating the focal and essentialstations and routes, the necessary preparing equipment…

Mr. Luong Muoi, Vice directorof Phu Yen Tele-communication company, let known: To actively cope with thecomplicated developments of natural disasters, minimizing damages and ensuringthe quality of networks, services in all situations, Phu Yen telecommunicationsector has absolutely dealt with the remaining caused by the storm and flood inthe year 2017, particularly storm numbered 12. The unit has directed the forcesto check the entire antenna poles, the system of touching land to combat rusting,the peripheral networks at the station; setting plans for maintaining,repairing and replacing the parts of poles, lines, the system of enduringforces of the antenna poles at the degraded telecommunication stations next tothe densely-populated regions.

According to the Department ofCommunication-Information, the province currently has over 910 BTS stations,with the height from 12m and above, easily fall and collapse at the arrival ofthe rain. To ensure the safety, the department has remind the telecommunicationenterprises to attach attention to check, maintain so as to ensure the safetyof these stations, not affecting the inhabitants; solidifying theinfrastructure, completing the related equipment.

To ensure communication bycustomers during the rainy and stormy season, currently, the postal and telecommunicationoffices and enterprises are enhancing the coordination to reach consensuson the solutions of exchanging infrastructure to connect and support, rescuethe transmitting routes, the information safety, mail routes. The service providesalso actively coordinate with the units to supply electricity to master the schedulesof disconnecting and providing electricity to actively plan the generators fortimely supporting and proposing the priorities to providing electricity to theBTS stations at the earliest time, the main routes, with large volume in caseof lengthened and wide-spread power cut.

Mr. Pham Van Ngu, Vice directorin charge of Phu Yen post office, lets known: during the stormy and rainyseason, the transporting system can be jammed, therefore, the unit has preparedwith solutions to prepare for the safety of mail routes.  We have assigned and directed forces toclosely coordinate, agree on solutions contracted with The central center oftransporting and logistics on ensuring the loading, postal packages in case ofnatural disasters, flood, storm, which interrupts the mail routes. The postoffice also enhances coordination with the department ofcommunication-information; Vietnamgeneral postal company and other units to follow, master the situations ofstorms and flood; simultaneously closely coordinating with Phu Yentelecommunication sector to construct rescuing solutions, particularly in thelocations shared by the post office and the station foundations.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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