Connecting human resources in creative start-ups
Updated : Thursday, October 04, 2018 5:40 PM (GMT+0700)

Tospread out the innovative and creative start-up activity, in addition to the State’snurturing and incubating, Phu Yen province has been linking resources insideand outside the province to incubate and develop the science and technology business;supporting organizations and individuals in the province in the field ofscience and technology, which helps to contribute to forming and promotingscience and technology market in the locality.

Delegates to the conference on Developing science and technology products visiting the
product display area of ​​the Provincial Center for Technology Transfer and Application

The conference on thedevelopment of science and technology products and the signing ceremony ofcooperation to promote the science and technology incubation program has beenorganized by the Center for Technology Transfer and Application. The activityaims to connect resources to promote the start-up movement with deep operationand in accordance with reality; thereby the start-up will play the motivationto contribute to promoting the local socio-economic development.

After the Prime Ministerapproved Project 844 on "Support to the National innovative and creativestart-up ecology by 2025", the Provincial people’s Committee alsopromulgated Plan 117/KH-UBND to support the provincial innovative and creativestart-up ecology until 2025. Besides assisting to develop the projects on innovativeand creative start-up, the province will establish a linking network in theprovince's above-mentioned ecological system with the country’s and the world’s.

The new steps of thisassociation have been implemented by the Center for Technology Transfer andApplication, the Han RiverStartup EnterpriseIncubation Centerand the Provincial Business Association through signing contractual agreementto develop the support, incubate start-up enterprises, commercialize scienceand technology products associated with the consumption market. Accordingly, inthe coming time, the parties will cooperate comprehensively and promote theirown strengths in order to bring the highest efficiency in the following fields:Supporting the innovative and creative start-up for the projects and thescience and technology start-up businesses in the South Central Coast Region andthe Central Highlands; Cooperating and accompanying the science and technologyenterprise incubation program; Consulting and supporting the development ofscience and technology enterprises in the South Central Coast Region andCentral Highlands; Commercializing the science and technology products andtechnology transfer to partners and consumption markets; Training humanresources for the innovative and creative operation, incubating and developingscience and technology enterprises, and commercializing science and technologyproducts.

The Provincial Centerfor Technology Transfer and Application and the Central College of Industry andCommerce also signed to deploy the start-up incubation and education activitiesin the college with the program of incubating, investing science and technologyenterprises. The two sides identified as strategic partners, cooperate fullyand promote their strengths in order to bring the highest efficiency for the innovativeand creative start-up ecological system in the province and surrounding areas.

The innovation and creationis an activity focused on promoting research and application of science andtechnology in the social community, through the close cooperation between theresearch block (universities, research institutes) with the production(enterprise) to provide products that meet the needs of users, contributing tothe commercialization for research results.

Mr. Le Van Cuu, Director ofScience and Technology Department, let known: From mid 2016 to the end of 2017,the Prime Minister issued Decision 844/QD-TTg, dated May18th, 2016 on approvingthe project "Supporting the National Innovation and Creative Starts-upEcological System to 2025" (Project 844); Decision No. 939/QD-TTg datedJune 30th, 2017 on approving the project "Supporting female entrepreneursin the period of 2017-2025" (Project 939) and Decision No. 1665/QD-TTgdated October 30th, 2017 on approving the project "Support start-up forstudents until 2025" (Scheme 1665).

Besides, there is the YouthStart-up Program organized by the Central Youth Union in 2016... in order tocreate a favorable environment to promote and support to form and develop enterpriseswith fast-paced growth ability based on exploiting intellectual property,technology, new business model. The legal framework to create a start-upenvironment is available, however, it is important for the locality what to do sothat the start-up can get to the ultimate goal of commercializing the productfrom research results.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby TRINH THUY

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