High-tech bitumen plant to be built in Phu Yen
Updated : Saturday, January 13, 2018 9:16 AM (GMT+0700)

Danishglobal machinery equipment maker DenimoTech and Vung Ro Petroleum CompanyLimited on January 11 signed an agreement to build a high-tech bitumen plant inthe central coastal province of Phu Yen.

Chairman of DenimoTech (left) and CEO of Vung Ro Petroleum (right) agree to
build a high-tech bitumen plant - Source: VNA

The construction of theplant will be divided into two phases. The first will be implemented in a year,and the second will begin in the middle of the year and last for 26-28 months.

During the first phase, theplant will import high quality bituminous binders from the world’s leadingmanufacturers and process them into advanced construction materials for boththe Vietnamese market and exports to neighbouring countries.

The plant has been designedto have a storage capacity of 12,000 metric tonnes (MT) with a second phaseupgrade to 30,000 MT. It is expected to be a top-notch environmentally-friendlybitumen-emulsion and polymer-modified bitumen plant. It will also be astate-of-the-art packing facility for exports of hi-tech bituminous products toregional markets. It will have its own port facility.

The plant is part of Vung RoPetroleum’s attempt to produce its own high-quality bituminous binderscompliant with Vietnamese Standards, American Superpave Performance GradeStandards and other standards required by customers in the region.

Kirill Korolev, CEO of VungRo Petroleum, believes that the project will contribute significantly toVietnam’s infrastructure development.

“The road, airport and portinfrastructure of a country are barometres for its advancement, wealth andprosperity. We are proud to contribute to this development. We are selectingthe world’s best technology providers to bring the best materials and scienceto the Vietnamese market”, Kirill said.

Vung Ro Petroleum’s CEO saidhe was not authorised to disclose the full amount of the investment, but saidit was above 500 million USD.

“Together with our partners,international vendors and some of the best scientists from Denmark, we willdeliver a cutting-edge facility for Vung Ro Petroleum and help solve theengineering problems of Vietnamese construction and industrial sectors”, saidBernd Schmidt, chairman of DeminoTech.


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